Weatherwoman Alissa Carlson Schwartz went completely on standby during the broadcast

20/03/2023 08:45 | door Henry Hardcore Last Saturday weatherwoman Alissa Carlson Schwartz should have stayed in bed. After a very nice introduction from her colleagues Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim from CBS Los Angeles, she had a full blown away tractor where she was completely on stand-by went. Later on the same day, the weatherwoman … Read more

Deputies by half, abolish the Senate completely. Czechs want to brush the parliament

Germany will have fewer MPs from the next term. From the current 736, their number will be reduced to 630, government lawmakers voted on Friday. The readers of would thin out the Czech Chamber of Deputies, they would even abolish the Senate completely. Almost 22 thousand readers think that the number of members … Read more

A completely normal day at work – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

On Saturday 18 March 2023, Maren Lundby jumped 212.5 meters in ski flying, while Novak Djokovic was refused entry to the USA. Of course he did. We’ll come back to why it’s important. On Sunday 19 March 2023, the first official women’s ski flying competition ever takes place. Of course it does. The 19 years … Read more

Unseen: duel in the Netherlands completely derails, Groningen player Willems is hit by his own ‘fan’ | Foreign Football

Groningen is in a relegation place in the Eredivisie and therefore urgently needed points in the regional duel with Heerenveen. After forty minutes of play, however, the home team was already 0-2 behind. The real problems started when a Groningen supporter could no longer contain himself and wanted to run onto the field. It was … Read more

Basement finds completely change the theory of sea monsters

– We wouldn’t have found this if it weren’t for covid, says Benjamin Kear, researcher in palaeontology at the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University. 252 million years ago, one of the largest mass extinctions in history occurred. The temperature rose rapidly, probably after a series of volcanic eruptions in Siberia, and 90 percent of … Read more

Someone completely remade Resident Evil 4’s opening scene in LEGO

Many of you may have experienced the opening part of Resident Evil 4 again, thanks to the currently available Chainsaw Demo, which gives players a look at the opening 20 minutes of the upcoming remake. But if you haven’t checked it out, why not experience the opening section in a different way? Because animator Cara … Read more

A Walloon company creates the first software to completely trace diamonds: a tool to notably boycott the Russians in Antwerp

The Belgian start-up iTraceiT, a Braine-le-Comte company also having an establishment in Antwerp, announces that it has developed a program to trace the origin of diamonds, from the mine to the jeweler. According to her, this is a first. The demand for traceability of the sources of diamonds is increasingly important. From now on, the … Read more

Merciless announcement from the Nyíregyháza: “There are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees” – a complaint is filed

He made an unexpected announcement on the official site az NB II-es Nyíregyháza Spartacuswhich says that there are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees. In the announcement, it is emphasized that these news items violate the personal rights of the club and those involved in an extraordinary way and that their … Read more

Customer Values ​​Jiwasraya Restructuring Completely Failed, Requests Cancellation!

Jakarta – Customers of PT Jiwasraya Insurance (Persero) who are members of the Jiwasraya Customer SOE Retirement Forum rejected the restructuring of the insurance company. According to them, Jiwasraya’s restructuring was not successful because it actually harmed customers. Syahrul Tahir, general chairman of the Jiwasraya Customer SOE Pensioners Forum, said the main reason they wanted … Read more

[리뷰 #110] Wow, Fallen Dynasty, this is completely out of discipline

[내외경제TV] Reporter Jeong Dong-jin = #1 Hyung, karma (character decoration) is basic and can be changed later. Why are you wearing it for over 2 hours? Rather than that, if you have Elden Ring, you can only practice parrying, and your length will be within 10 rounds (10 attempts) – A Media Reporter” #2 Darkness … Read more