ExoMars mission to Mars completes first deep fossil experiment

Paris – AFP The auxiliary robot that was developed in the context of the ExoMars mission, which is scheduled to be launched to Mars in the fall of 2022, has successfully completed its first deep excavation experiment, according to what the European Space Agency revealed.On Earth, the mobile robot’s twin, Rosalind Franklin, drilled “and extracted … Read more

Russia completes construction of Nord Stream 2

“Alexei Miller, Chairman of the Steering Committee, announced that this morning, at 8.45. In Moscow’s time, the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been completely completed, Gazprom wrote in a statement on Telegram on Friday. The Russian gas monopoly is scheduled to start supplying Germany with gas through the new pipeline in … Read more

TAP completes the first C-check on a third-party A330neo jet

TAP Maintenance & Engineering successfully delivered to Aircalin, from New Caledonia, the second A330neo, after the punctual realization of C-checks of the two aircraft of this model in the company’s fleet. Thus, Aircalin became the first third airline to benefit from the know-how of TAP M&E in the execution of C-checks on the A330neo. Until … Read more

NASA Completes New Generation of James Webb Telescope

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) finally completed work on the space telescope James Webb which will be a replacement Hubble telescope. The James Webb telescope is the ‘sister’ of the Hubble space telescope which is quite old. NASA has completed testing and is ready to launch. “Webb’s many tests … Read more

Media: Taliban completes talks to form new Afghan government

Taliban representatives said on Sunday that talks are under way to form an inclusive government. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahide said at the same time that a new cabinet would be formed in the coming days. It is not allowed to publish, quote or otherwise reproduce the information of the news agency BNS in mass media … Read more

Ding Yanyuhang completes the CBA registration “four-character foreign aid” comeback soon?

Ding Yanyuhang completes the CBA registration “four-character foreign aid” comeback soon? 2021-09-01 10:55:43Source: China News Network China News Service, Beijing, September 1st. On the evening of August 31, the CBA official website updated the registration information of domestic players. Among them, Shandong Men’s Basketball Team has completed Ding Yanyuhang’s registration for the new season. The … Read more

Formula 1: Norris completes tests in the hospital to assess his participation in the race

McLaren is awaiting the results of the medical tests completed by its driver Lando Norris to determine his possibility to participate in the Belgian Grand Prix, round 12 of the 2021 F1 season. Norris was one of the most prominent stars of the qualifying session at Spa-Francorchamps, but he had a violent accident at the … Read more

Australia Completes Evacuation in Afghanistan Before ISIS-K . Attack

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his party had successfully completed the evacuation in Afghanistan before ISIS-K carry out the attack. As a result, no military personnel or citizens were victims of the bomb attack at Hamid Karzai Airport, Kabul, last Thursday. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison straightens a mask during a … Read more

Lithuanian start-up Tasker completes Seed investment phase with 1.3 million, changes name to Frontu

Tasker, a mobile workforce (front) workforce management software company, has announced the completion of a third phase of the investment, along with an investment of € 550,000. The total investment amounts to EUR 1,300,000. These events will strengthen Tasker’s position as the industry leader in the Baltic region, according to a press release. Tasker says … Read more