The largest building component prefabrication unit in Hungary has been put into operation

As part of the Hungarian-owned Bayer Construct group of companies, Viastein Kft. Started production in the second half of 2017 at its paving plant in Biharkeresztes. The second phase of the developments was the establishment of a paving stone refining plant, which was completed in 2018, and today the third development phase of the factory … Read more

Used cars cost tens of millions of rupiah, can be smooth to accord all pages

JAKARTA, – Used car be an alternative that can be chosen when you want to buy a private four-wheeled vehicle, but do not want limited credit or available funds. Moreover, the price of used four-wheeled vehicles is also getting more affordable. In fact, not a few are cheaper than the official price automatic scooter … Read more

Cars are rarely used, Should the battery be revoked or not?

JAKARTA, – There are still many companies that still apply work from home or work from home ( WFH) in the middle pandemic Covid-19, making the intensity of the use of four-wheeled vehicles will also be reduced. Cars that are rarely used does not mean it will last longer than those that are often … Read more