Mortal Kombat 1 PC Version System Requirements

Lately, we’ve seen a big increase in system requirements for PC games. But fans of Mortal Kombat need not worry so much. Developers of the bloody action game he thinks of the owners of weaker computers and they list very acceptable minimum and recommended requirements. Compared to five years old Mortal Kombat 11 of course … Read more

Microsoft invites you to the Xbox FanFest Poland event, which will take place live soon in Warsaw

The pandemic period was not a good time for people who like to participate in various events organized in the real world. Although there is a shift towards virtual events, there are still companies that want to encourage players to participate in this type of events in person. Microsoft has just announced Xbox FanFest Poland. … Read more

Microsoft shows off the new Xbox home screen

It is very crowded and confusing. This was the most common criticism of the Xbox home screen. Microsoft listened to the criticism and started working on a clearer and better dashboard. In cooperation with a close community, various designs were tested in the previous months. Now members of the Xbox Insider program (specifically Alpha Skip-Ahead … Read more

“Uma Musume” announces a bug that makes it impossible to progress when McQueen is in the center at the live theater-GAME Watch

On April 20, Cygames announced a problem that occurred in the training simulation for Android / iOS / PC “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”. This bug occurs in the in-game live theater. Select “Yumewokakeru!” Here, set “Mejiro McQueen” in the center position “1” and start the live, and you will not be able to progress. If … Read more

German games market stabilized in 2022

pte20230412034 Company/economy, trade/services Almost ten billion euros in sales generated – 20 percent more with gaming online services Young gamers: More and more Germans are playing computer games (Photo:, Victoria_Watercolor) Berlin (pte034/12.04.2023/13:30) – The German games market stabilized at a high level in 2022, according to a study by the game – association of … Read more

Large-scale open beta test of “Diablo IV” starts at midnight today, implementation until 4:00 am on March 27 « doope!

The other day, the advanced beta for pre-order purchasers ended successfully, and the latest work in the popular series “Diablo IV”, which introduced the topic of balance adjustments in the early stages, Blizzard Entertainment issued a new press release for the domestic market, late at night today. We announced the information of the worldwide open … Read more

Epic created both Call of Duty and Elden Ring in Fortnite

Epic Games has created three remarkable games in the new tools. The first is reminiscent of Call of Duty, the second is a playable teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, and the third is a stiff boss fight from one of FromSoftware’s games. But we’ll take it in order. As announced, it happened. Epic Games … Read more

Czechs most often play on the computer. PlayStation 5 is also in the pipeline

When it comes to gaming equipment, the gaming community is usually divided into two irreconcilable camps. Proponents of consoles rightly argue that it is cheaper to buy a console and that all games run smoothly for the entire life of this device, i.e. at least four years – until the launch of a new model. … Read more

Rika Matsumoto, who plays Satoshi in “Pokémon”, first appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”! “Thank you so much…!” for the spectacular performance | Game*Spark

YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” that clearly captures the performance of one shot. In the 301st issue, Rika Matsumoto, who voices the main character Satoshi in the TV anime “Pocket Monsters” series, appeared for the first time. ◆ Rika Matsumoto first appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”! “THE FIRST TAKE” is gaining popularity with the phrase, … Read more

Intel Core i3-13100F processor test – Successor to the Intel Core i3-12100F. Efficient four cores, but unfortunately a bit too expensive

Although the number of cores in mainstream processors has clearly increased in recent years, this has resulted in a surprisingly small increase in performance, especially in strictly gaming applications. Programs have always used the extra resources quite efficiently, but most games still suffice with a solid four cores supported by multithreading. That’s probably why the … Read more