Ikea – Testing new concept

Large quantities of usable Ikea furniture are delivered as waste or for reuse every year. According to a previous survey carried out by the chain itself, 73 per cent of the furniture handed in was in such good condition that it could have been sold in Ikea’s thrift store. At the same time, 10 percent … Read more

Monoplex Introduces Sports Concept Bespoke Cinema

A sports space concept that was unveiled by Monoplex is a bespoke cinema. MONOPLEX, a startup that implements customized movie theaters and provides first-run films, announced on the 8th that it unveiled a sports space concept movie theater for the first time at the ‘2022 Space Design Fair/Hotel Fair’. It features a 270-inch screen and … Read more

Concept image of the 10th-generation iPad with rounded edges, square shape, home button, based on CAD image.

before mysmartprice Revealed CAD images claiming to belong to 10th generation iPad Point out the new design, square shape, but still have a home button. and designers have used that image to create a conceptual image for you to see 10th generation iPad concept image. Concept image from Apple LAB Concept image from Constantine Milenin … Read more

The neural network drew impressive concept art for Metro 2033

© A user named Musicmaker1984 decided to use modern neural network developments to create images based on Metro 2033. Using an AI tool called Kandinsky, he was able to create impressive concept art of the game. The neural network was able to perfectly convey the original atmosphere of the shooter. In general, the images turned … Read more

Poor Zaporozsec exhausts the concept of visual environmental pollution

The uniquely transformed Zaporozhe shown in the pictures is reportedly looking for a new owner. It’s not appropriate to argue about taste, but everything has a limit and this has now crossed it. The whole thing is like a bad joke or a vehicle for the main villain of a ZS-category sci-fi movie. There’s a … Read more

See the iPad Pro concept, the M2 chip in Midnight color, in a dark tone similar to the MacBook Air M2.

The new iPad Pro has news that it may be launched at the end of this year with an M2 chip as well. What if the iPad Pro M2 in this round comes with a new color like Midnight like MacBook Air M2!? Believe that many people may have questions like this, more or less, … Read more

Fiat unveils the SUV-coupe as a production version of the impressive concept

The Italian car manufacturer Fiat has published the silhouette of an as yet unknown car, which should be a crossover between the styles of an SUV and a four-door coupe. It is even supposed to be a straight production car, as it bears the name Fastback – just like the concept that was revealed in … Read more

Dacia Jogger, plenty of space for the tireless all-rounder – The Test by ANSA Motori

A station wagon that is also a bit of an SUV, but also a multi-space that winks at a sedan. It is not a concept yet on paper but a more than concrete Dacia Jogger, which we tested with kilometers on the road and ‘special’ loads. The final sensation is a bit like having tried … Read more