Putin’s series of speeches in Moscow has fueled concerns about his health

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, speculation about the Kremlin’s master’s health suggests that he is battling several illnesses, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease, writes “Newsweek”. The latest speculation is about an accident in Moscow. 70-year-old Putin had an unfortunate fall at his official residence in Moscow on Wednesday evening, according … Read more

New drug lecanemab may be able to slow down Alzheimer’s, but there are still concerns about side effects

©  Getty Images/iStockphoto Alzheimer’s disease is still treatable. This is evident from study results of pharmaceutical companies Eisai and Biogen, who jointly developed the new drug lecanemab. Especially in an early stage, patients would benefit from it. But it’s not all good news: there are concerns about side effects, and the question remains whether patients … Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Concerns Fans After Appearing Bald At US Concert

the fever of BLACKPINK currently has the whole world on its head, with a sweeping return to the music scene, breaking a series of records that only the group can afford and consolidating its title as the most successful girl group in the world today. After releasing his albumBorn PinkThe group embarked on a world … Read more

Data protection at Microsoft: Regulators have serious concerns

WThe extent to which data protection has become detached from everyday reality can now be observed in almost every office. While the Microsoft world dominates everything there and team video conferences have long been the order of the day, the supervisory authorities have considerable data protection concerns about the cloud-based programs. Even after two years … Read more

The Iranians celebrate the defeat of their team against America in the World Cup, amid concerns about the fate of the players

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Iran’s defeat against the United States was met in the World Cup – Qatar 2022, Cheers and celebrations took place in the capital, Tehran, and other Iranian cities on Tuesday evening, as demonstrators hailed Iran’s exit from the tournament as a blow to the ruling regime. The Iranian national … Read more

Concerns about “decreased” Hugo after Nicole’s death: “He no longer shines, he no longer smiles”

“Hugo no longer shines, he no longer smiles,” say friends of Hugo, of Nicole, who died at the beginning of November. “He’s also lost a lot of weight.” Christel De Neve (60) and Didier Timmermans (49) belonged to Nicole and Hugo’s closest circle of friends. They’ll tell you this week Hey everyone that they are … Read more

Lows: China protests and concerns about the global economy send oil prices plummeting

Oil prices fell sharply on Monday, picking up on last week’s losses. At the start of the week, concerns about further developments in China put pressure on prices, market observers said. In the morning, a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent cost 81.41 US dollars (78.47 euros). That was $2.22 less than Friday. … Read more

The United States bans the sale of products from five Chinese companies, including Huawei and ZTE, due to security concerns

November 26, 2022 image copyright Reuters The United States has banned the sale and import of new communications equipment from five Chinese companies, including: “Huawei” and “ZTE”, due to what it described as “concerns about national security.” Other listed companies include Hikvision, Dahua and Hytera, which make video surveillance equipment and two-way radio systems. This … Read more


“One of the main ethical concerns we highlight in our guidelines is the undermining of human autonomy,” says Erden. Take, for example, the drug amphetamine. It is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In a medical context, amphetamine is a treatment that helps people with ADHD control some symptoms. As a side effect, … Read more

cigarettes, tax on 70 cents. Quota 103 concerns only 45,000 Italians and 1,000 Sardinians

Odds 103 is a bluff. It will affect an audience of just 45 thousand people in Italy, wanting to venture a calculation about a thousand Sardinians. The stakes set by the Meloni government allow for early retirement only to workers aged 62 and with 41 contributions, with a penalty of up to 67 years on … Read more