Major concerns about dried up rivers: ‘It is going very fast now’

Niko Wanders, river expert, saw the images this morning via Twitter. Part of the Loire, France’s longest river, has dried up. What remains is a large piece of dry ground that most resembles a desert. “It hurts to see something like that,” Wanders says. “Scientists already knew that situations like this were coming, but it’s … Read more

Derivatives Market International August ’22 – Drought concerns in rapeseed and maize, wheat stabilized

The rapeseed contract on the Matif has shown significantly increased volatility since the beginning of August. Towards the end of the previous month, the November date rose again almost to the 700 euro/t mark. But this could not be broken. In the four trading days that followed, the price had again lost almost 80 euros/t. … Read more

The Prime Minister tries to dispel concerns about spying on an opposition politician / Article

One of the Prime Minister’s first acts upon assuming power was to attach the National Intelligence Service to his office. After the prime minister’s announcement, the spied on opposition member emphasized that he still hasn’t received an answer as to why he was spied on for three months. The Greek prime minister has said that … Read more

The increase slowed down, but… Three concerns in housing… The year-end average price was astonishing – Actual

According to Endeksa data, as of the end of June, the annual value increase in housing sales prices in Turkey was at the level of 182 percent, while the average residential square meter sales price increased to 9 thousand 979 TL. However, it is stated that the price increases peaked at 14.7 percent in May … Read more

When it comes to love, these signs are really very picky – Sex and Relationships – Woman

There are people who do not give up their freedom easily. And there are also those for whom everything must “click” with the new partner one hundred percent – if not, they immediately “pack” the new relationship. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK So, everything is to your liking? These three zodiac signs are especially alert and picky when … Read more

Witness- Fifi Abdo removes the concerns of her audience with a dance compass on one and a half

Published by the actress Fifi Abdo A dance video clip of her on her official account on the social networking site Instagram. and appeared Fifi Abdo In front of her door, she wears a dress of black color that is very visible from the chest area, and she dances in a way that aroused the … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Procedures in Europe? I have minor concerns about Sparta, I have no doubts about Pilsen and Slavia

Plzeň and Slavia managed to get by on the artificial surfaces of their rivals, now it’s Sparta’s turn. In the first match at Letná, I saw a different Sparta – dynamic, agile, but they just couldn’t find the recipe for the Viking’s impenetrable defense in the finals. It was clear that Karabec and Fortelný are … Read more