When the victim’s mother fainted hearing her child’s confession 15 times, Ustaz TPQ

Mojokerto – Three male students were molested by their own ustaz at a TPQ in Sooko sub-district, Mojokerto. The victim’s confession made one of the parents faint. The obscene ustaz is RD (40). The perpetrator molested three of his male students in the mode of helping the victims reach puberty. “The victim’s mother fainted when … Read more

Alexei Pyšek’s open confession (65): Being alone would be on a stick!

You will soon be sixty-six. Are you balancing, are you planning a celebration? “There will be some small celebrations. It’s “Route 66”, so we’re going to celebrate that number. But by no means do I balance. “ We met you at the spa. How often do you go to get regenerated and relax? “The owner’s … Read more

Emily Lucius made a strong confession in El Hotel de los Famosos about her love life

Emily Lucius made a strong confession The Hotel of the Famous about his love life that surprised Shortly after consolidating his relationship with Martin Salwe. “Are you in love with Tincho?”, he asked. Imanol Rodriguez to the influencer, who answered sincerely: “No, but I like it a lot, I don’t know what it is to … Read more

Iqlima Kim Changes Confession About Hotman Paris and Reveals Reasons to Remove Power from Razman Nasution Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Some time ago, celebrities Iqlima Kim admitting to being a victim of sexual harassment while serving as a personal assistant Hotman Paris. At that time, he was accompanied Razman Arif Nasution as a legal representative to resolve this issue. In an interview, Razman claimed that Iqlima Kim had reported Hotman Paris on … Read more

Sad, this is the confession of the perpetrator of the murder of the beautiful student Naira Ashraf

Friday, June 24 2022 – 11:15 WIB LIVE Showbiz – Murder Naira Ashrafa student in Egypt who was stabbed by a man, shocked the public because it happened in daylight and in front of many eye witnesses. Naira Ashraf is a student at Mansoura University who was stabbed several times by a man after she … Read more

Erling Haaland’s confession of sleeping with ‘5 girlfriends’ at once

Friday, 24 June 2022 – 06:39 WIB LIVE Ball – Erling Haaland just officially joined Manchester City. The Citizens signed this 21-year-old player for five years after redeeming €60 million or the equivalent of Rp937.62 billion to Borussia Dortmund. Like any new player, the public is usually curious about who the player’s wife or lover … Read more

New Viral Facts Grandpa is Paid with Play Money, Turns out to be a Lie about the Foreman, Here’s His Confession

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Latest facts from viral grandfather is paid to use play money in Regency Onion Bones West (Tubaba), Lampung, was revealed. The grandfather’s confession about the toy money the foreman gave him was a lie. The facts are known after the police Onion Bones do the deepening. Including interrogating the 72-year-old grandfather named Sunardi. … Read more

Eli’s shocking confession of ‘skinship’ to Ji Yeon-soo, saying they won’t be reuniting

Jiyeonsoo’s Instagram, TV Chosun Eli, a former member of the group U-Kiss, has become a hot topic by making remarks that draw a line on the possibility of a reunion with his ex-wife Jiyeon-soo. On TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorced 2’, which was broadcast on June 17, 2022, Eli and Jiyeon-soo shared their honest thoughts … Read more

Zhao Jinmai Linyi’s “A Week of Friends” is showing the MV for the friendship confession song “Belong to You” – 1000 Dragon Net China Capital Net

Source title: Zhao Jinmai Linyi’s “A Week of Friends” is showing the MV of the friendship confession song “Belong to You” on the line The movie “Friends of the Week” is being shown nationwide. On June 20, the MV for “Friendship Confession” and “Belong to You” sung by the Ideal Bastard Band will be released, … Read more

I had! The two-time Olympic champion has announced that she is a lesbian

“I had to do it. I was nervous about it, but now I feel like I’m going to explode with joy. Sometimes I cried about it, but once this conversation comes out, all the fear will be gone,” Holmes said. The winner of the 800 and 1500 meters from the Games in 2004 kept everything … Read more