Sushiro nuisance video is “high school student in Gifu prefecture” reported School named on the net is “investigating fact confirmation etc.”: J-CAST News

Local media reported that a young man was suspected to be a high school student in Gifu Prefecture after he licked a soy sauce bottle at a major conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro. The high school that was named on the internet responded to the interview that they were “researching to confirm the facts,” and … Read more

Selling laptop declared lost in delivery, Shopee Main CS claims to SiCepat without confirmation from seller

Let me tell you about a case that happened to me, regarding goods lost when shipping using SiCepat and via expeditions ecommerce Shopee. I got a laptop order at Shopee e-commerce with details: Title: NEW Cheap Gaming Laptop PROMO HP 14 AMD RYZEN 3 3250U Radeon WindowsPrice: IDR 5,599,000.Destination: West Dempo Village KAB. PAMEKASAN – … Read more

Definitive line through the arrival of Hadžikadunić after confirmation Mallorca

Dennis Hadzikadunic signed a contract with Mallorca today. The agent kept it exciting, but the last details have been worked out today. With this, Feyenoord definitively grabs next to the central defender. Agent Walid Faour said this morning that all options were open to Hadzikadunic, but that explanation turned out to be incorrect. Hadzikadunic was … Read more

Confirmation of Earth-sized exoplanet 41 light-years ahead First confirmation of planet existence by Web Space Telescope | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ Artist’s impression of the exoplanet “LHS 475 b” (foreground) orbiting the red dwarf star “LHS 475” (background) (Credit: Illustration: NASA, ESA, CSA, Leah Hustak (STScI))] A team of researchers led by Jacob Lustig-Yaeger and Kevin Stevenson at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) used the James Webb Space Telescope to identify an … Read more

Ahn Jung-hwan, who opened up about the ‘Bento successor rumor’, “absurd words without my confirmation”

Ahn Jung-hwan, MBC commentator. 2019.11.5/News1 © News1 Regarding the position of the next head coach of the Korean national soccer team, the story of Ahn Jung-hwan (46) drew public attention, and Ahn Jung-hwan directly opened his mouth. Jeong Jae-hoon, CEO of Moro Sports, who is the football agent of MBC commentator Ahn Jung-hwan, told JoongAng … Read more

Visual confirmation! Sharp show off the OPPO Find N2, a new folding screen smartphone that is lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

If you remember before, our sharpshooter Ice Universe once came out with information that the OPPO Find N2, OPPO’s new folding smartphone, will be lighter than Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. He also confirmed with clear images that the Find N2 is actually lighter! In the picture we can see that there are images of … Read more

Oil: upheaval at the head of African producers and confirmation of the continent’s decline

After supplanting Nigeria as the leading African oil producer during the 3rd quarter of 2022, Angola has also just lost this rank last October, supplanted in turn by Libya. According to data from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) based on secondary sources, Libyan oil production stood at 1.163 million barrels/day (b/d) in … Read more

The correct way to delete the contact confirmation app “COCOA” – Just delete the app! – OTONA LIFE

The new coronavirus contact confirmation app “COCOA” provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will stop functioning on November 17, 2022. However, if you delete the COCOA app easily, it will run in the background without stopping, and will waste your battery. Therefore, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has distributed the … Read more

Confirmation of neuroinflammation inhibitory effect of red thorn extract > News

The Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (President Lee Jin-yong, hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Oriental Medicine), Dr. Koh Young-hun’s team (first author, Dr. Kim Jae-gwang) at the Center for Application of Korean Medicine Technology confirmed the neuroinflammation inhibitory effect of red thorn extract. The results of this research were published in the international … Read more