Conte’s message to T. Tuchel after the conflict that ended in expulsions

2022-08-15 13:15 © AFP photo Yesterday, in the Premier League match between Chelsea and Tottenham, there was a coaching conflict, the likes of which the fans of this league have not seen for a long time. A confrontation reminiscent of Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho took place between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte. The coaches … Read more

Horror! This is what will happen if the US goes to war with China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. The war, which has not ended, must now be added to by the tensions of the two major world economic powers, namely the United States (US) and China. The latest news, the Chair of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan … Read more

Tomorrow, 2,800 hectares of land will be allocated to former combatants, political prisoners/napols, and victims of conflict

* At the Commemoration of the 17th Aceh Day of Peace BANDA ACEH – Peace in Aceh on Monday (15/8/2022) will be 17 years old tomorrow. The Aceh Reintegration Agency (BRA) has designed a number of agendas to celebrate this historic day for the people of Aceh, the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), and the Government … Read more

Ex-Man United Gembosi coach, Tuchel the scapegoat of Chelsea and Arsenal conflict fighting over Aubameyang

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – Tensions of competition in the transfer market Premier League still hot, Manchester United it is said that his former coach was inflated in the hunt for new players, while the coach Chelsea Thomas Tuchel become the ‘scapegoat’ of his team’s conflict with Arsenal fighting over Aubameyang. In the match of the second week Premier … Read more

If the West persists in supporting Ukraine, I can imagine that Russia will clear Crimea, says analyst Votápek — ČT24 — Czech Television

According to Votápek, who previously also served as consul general in Russia, the conflict in Ukraine is entering a new phase, in which the supply of heavy weapons from the West is changing the situation on the battlefield step by step. “Already the delivery of HIMARS rocket launchers with a lower range of 70-80 kilometers … Read more

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict flare-up coincides with Erdogan-Putin talks in Sochi, but Turkey has stronger trump cards

Photo: AFP/Scanpix/LETA Just as Russia is trying to turn international conflicts to its advantage, to divert the attention and resources of Ukraine’s allies, other countries are also taking advantage of the weakening of the Russian Federation and its desperate focus on winning the war. Most read “Ukraine must hold this place at all costs.” The … Read more

Lee Hyun tears as the conflict with her husband rises

‘Dongsang Imong 2’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) ‘Dongsang Imong 2’ Lee Hyun-i showed tears after a fight with Hong Seong-gi. In SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny’, which was broadcasted at 10 pm on the 8th, the couple Lee Hyun-yi and Hong Seong-ki, who went on a family trip with … Read more

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Rising interest I TNN Know about investment I 08-08-65

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Interest has risen I TNN Know about the investment I 08-08-65 Live: TNN program Know about the investment Monday, August 8, 2022 Time 15:00-17:30 #Jirathiti #Thitikon summarizes the daily conditions of the Thai stock market after the market close, along with news for investment … Read more

‘Russia burns the gas it does not send to Europe’ – World

“Russia is burning the excess gas it does not export to European countries.” El Mundo reports this, citing Finnish television Yle, according to which satellite images from NASA’s fire monitoring system show the flames in the Portovaya compression station, owned by Gazprom. The NASA service shows undeclared fires near the Portovaya station since mid-June, that … Read more

The UN Security Council is discussing the bloody conflict in the Gaza Strip in an emergency session

UN Security Council On August 8, an emergency meeting discussed the situation in the Gaza Strip, where a bloody conflict between the Palestinian militant group “Islamic Jihad” and Israel took place for three days, informs the media “France 24”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Portal “Delfi” already reported the Israel and the Palestinian … Read more