Covid-19: Article that charged covid vaccine to high strata falls – Congress – Politics

After the controversy that arose in the country for the proposal that the covid-19 vaccine be charged to strata 5 and 6, the Plenary of the House of Representatives knocked down the article that contained this provision within the so-called draft law of vaccines, which establishes mechanisms to facilitate access to immunization against the coronavirus. … Read more

Covid-19: Rejection of the proposal to charge the vaccine to strata 5 and 6 – Congress – Politics

One of the key projects that Congress is processing at this time is the so-called ‘Vaccine Law’, which establishes mechanisms to facilitate access to the covid-19 vaccine. However, a paragraph introduced in the presentation for the third debate sparked controversy. The paragraph that caused concern and indicates that strata 5 and 6 would have to … Read more

Former Republican officials urge Trump to acknowledge defeat

More than 100 former Republican officials repudiate Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat, as it represents a “dangerous attack” on US institutions. In a letter published Monday, a group of former Republican US National Security officials demanded that Donald Trump acknowledge his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 3. Specifically, … Read more

In a climate of clear ideological confrontation, the Spanish Congress approved a new education law | the daily

Members of the More Plural Platform demonstrate against the new education law, the so-called Celaá law, on November 13, in front of Congress, in Madrid. Foto: Chema Moya, Efe November 20, 2020 · International policy One of the most critical points of the discussion was the elimination of the obligation for Spanish to be the … Read more

XVI Annual Congress of Cogeneration “Essential cogeneration for reactivation: Industry, Energy and Climate”

ACOGEN and COGEN Spain celebrate the XVI Annual Congress of Cogeneration on Wednesday December 2 in Madrid, at The Westin Palace Hotel (Plaza de las Cortes, 7). The event will take place in hybrid mode, that is, in person and online. In this way, people who cannot move to Madrid, the venue of the celebration, … Read more

Not having education | The opinion of Miquel Giménez

Watching this Thursday’s session at the headquarters of the national sovereignty and dropping the shadow sticks was all one. The communist social bench and their friends applauded the sadly known Celaá law, minister who is going to treat ailments to Vascongadas from confined Madrid, with the most grim expression and lacking empathy that we remember … Read more

Congress will invest more than 1 million pesos to BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS

Lourdes Vazquez Guanajuato.- Despite calls for austerity in the use of resources, the State Congress They will spend almost 6 million pesos in the payment of Microsoft licenses for three years, although the payment is in dollars, and will allocate just over 1 million pesos to the purchase of Christmas gifts for the employees of … Read more

Trump 2024 | El Heraldo

After consecutive defeats at the hands of Obama, the Republican party carried out an electoral autopsy. They came from losing the popular vote in the last five elections. As the Republican voter aged, Reagan’s party did not connect with a more diverse young voter. They had 34 out of 50 governorships, the pragmatism and moderation … Read more

To the letter, Congress about to seal the 2021 budget

By Lourdes [email protected] This Tuesday, the Finance Commission of the Congress of the Republic presented the opinion of the 2021 State Income and Expenditure Budget Project for Q99,700,000,000.00 before the Board of Directors, as expected, after the presentation of said opinion, the ordinary session that It was scheduled to start almost three hours late. Minutes … Read more

Congressional official dies of Covid-19 – Politics

Mexico City. The Chamber of Deputies reported the death of its director of Interinstitutional Relations and Protocol, Samuel Rodríguez Mora, who died of covid-19. In addition to the official, since the declaration of the pandemic, 13 chamber workers and a federal deputy have died. As a result of the weekly tests, 295 cases of coronavirus … Read more