Antidepressants: Experts explain the pros and cons

One in ten Swedes eats them – antidepressants. The pills are hailed by some as a lifesaver. Others claim that they are printed too easily – and have serious consequences. The experts outline the pros and cons. ✓ “Not addictive like opiates and valium”✓ This is what you should do if you want to stop … Read more

Professor Žvirblienė discussed different COVID-19 vaccines and listed their pros and cons

As the professor said, the development of vaccines against coronavirus, a new type of vaccine was developed much sooner. At that time, the old vaccine formats are severely delayed. “It is such a somewhat paradoxical situation that the vaccine formats we have known for decades are delayed and so far neither Europe nor the United … Read more

Video of Sahrul Gunawan’s First Day Becomes Deputy Head of Bandung Reaping Pros and Cons – Sahrul Gunawan shared a video of his first day as Deputy Regent of Bandung Regency. In the video on TikTok, he looks so enthusiastic. In the car, Sahrul was seen wearing his official uniform. The artist who is famous through the soap opera Jin and Jun initially tied shoelaces. Sahrul Gunawan also wears … Read more

Still being injected, Adian Napitupulu did not take the headache of the pros and cons of the Nusantara vaccine

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PDIP politician Adian Napitupulu admitted that he did not want to be involved in the debate regarding the scientific procedure for the Nusantara vaccine based on the dendritic cell platform. Today, Adian received a dendritic cell injection again from his blood cell sample he had taken last week. According to Adian, injection … Read more

Pros and Cons of Special Guard Detachment

Jakarta – The existence of a Special Guard Detachment (Denwalsus) The Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) reaps the pros and cons. Is MCC who questioned the urgency of the formation of the Denwalsus. “So far I do not know the specific reason for the formation of the Ministry of Defense’s Special Guard Detachment (Denwalsus), apart from … Read more

Pros and cons of the new BTp Futura coming from April 19th

The new BTp Futura will be placed from 19 April to 23 April 2021, unless early closure. The government bond conceived only for retail, now in its third edition, which includes increasing fixed-rate coupons. The title will be used to finance the post-pandemic recovery and the vaccination campaign. The duration is 16 years and provides … Read more

Pros and Cons of AstraZeneca Vaccine Side Effects Cause Blood Clots, This is Explanation of BPOM

JAKARTA, – Since the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca in early March, the public has been panicked by the news that side effects can cause blood clots. The government even temporarily stopped distribution AstraZeneca vaccine in the Homeland. Previously reported, several countries have reported the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine is … Read more

Pros and Cons of Erick Thohir’s Policy of Forming Ultramicro Holding to Help MSMEs Page all

JAKARTA, – The Ministry of BUMN continues to encourage the formation holding Ultramicro BUMN can be formed soon. Holding this will be filled by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (Persero) or BRI, PT Pegadaian Tbk (Persero), and PT Permodalan Nasional Mandani (Persero) aka PNM. BUMN Minister Erick Thohir some time ago said the formation … Read more

Pros and cons of PS5 after the first months since its launch

PlayStation 5 debuted in stores last November, and, since then, we have been surprised with its hidden functions, its first exclusive games such as Demon’s Souls Remake or the novelties that the DualSense controller includes. However, not all are positive points, and the truth is that PS5 has some disadvantages that we are going to … Read more

Augmented humans, the pros and cons according to a study

A study by Kaspersky polled 6,500 peoplefor human augmentation. The objective is to know their perception of the world of “cyborgs”. The study reflects a lack of understanding of human augmentation. Figures to be compared with a study carried out in 2020, which indicated that 88% of Moroccans were ready to improve their physical attributes. … Read more