Ice is melting faster and faster, with major consequences for people on the coast at the end of this century

Between 1994 and 2017, a “ shocking ” 28 trillion (28,000,000,000,000) tons of ice disappeared, according to the researchers. During the same period, sea levels rose by 3.46 centimeters. Specific “To make this concrete”, writes ESA (The European Space Agency) on its website, “a trillion tons of ice equals a 10x10x10 kilometer block of ice, … Read more

Tierschutzverein Schmallenberg is fighting with corona consequences

The Schmallenberg Animal Welfare Association urgently needs donations. © Private For 19 years the animal welfare association Schmallenberg and the surrounding area has been taking care of sick and accident cats, taking in orphaned kittens and placing them in a new home. Despite the corona pandemic, the work of the volunteer team around chairwoman Petra … Read more

Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump are already suffering consequences in their states

The ten Republican legislators who voted together with the Democrats to start a second impeachment trial against Donald Trump after the attack on the Capitol. Ten Republican congressmen, including Liz Cheney – the third highest ranking Republican congresswoman – voted alongside Democrats in the second impeachment request against Donald J. Trump. Today, less than ten … Read more

What are the consequences of canceling auto insurance for non-payment?

Between the insurer and the insured, there is a contract which specifies a due date for the contribution. It is a due date to be paid annually, but which can be split every month, every 3 months or every 6 months, in order to facilitate the proposed payment. The Insurance Code (article 113-3) requires policyholders … Read more

Iberostar Tenerife loses to Bakken Bears, a defeat without consequences

Iberostar Tenerife lost to Bakken Bears (96-78) in the last game of the first group stage. The aurinegro team passes the round as first classified. They didn’t play big pieces like Shermadini or Tyler Cavanaugh. The Canarista team entered the court with great scoring success from the triple and with Fran Guerra as the axis … Read more

the perfect storm for vegetables, olives and citrus

Carlos Manso ChicoteFOLLOW Madrid Updated:13/01/2021 01: 18h save Related news Filomena carpeted the Spanish countryside in white this weekend, especially in the center of the country, but it has also come to put the icing on some very difficult months for farmers and ranchers, marked by protests against low prices and the pandemic, which led … Read more


The Government of Spain has published the information campaign on the consequences of Brexit. In the following newsletter you can consult the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS All EU citizens and their family members (including minors) who have resided in the UK before 31 December 2020 must apply for a residence permit based on the EU Settlement … Read more

The market feels the consequences of the stimulus to debt and interest rates

Both companies and administrations were forced to borrow trillions of dollars to compensate for the drop in income during the period of economic activity restriction due to COVID-19. You might have thought that taking out loans of such an amount would raise interest rates, but Extraordinary interventions by central banks prevented these increases. In the … Read more