Russian commanders suffer the consequences of defeats at the front. Two high-ranking military men were fired

“In recent weeks, Russia has fired high-ranking commanders who were deemed to have performed poorly in the initial phase of the invasion of Ukraine. Lieutenant General Sergei Kisiel, who commanded the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, was suspended for failing to capture Kharkov. Vice-Admiral Igor Osipov, who he commanded the Russian Black Sea Fleet, he … Read more

The UN has warned of North Korea’s response to COVID-19: dire consequences

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Unascriticizing the response of the country ‘s authorities to the outbreak, ordered the introduction of nationwide quarantine to slow the spread of the infection among the unvaccinated population, and ordered the military to help distribute the medicine. “Recent restrictions, including severe isolation of people and further travel restrictions, will have … Read more

Lavrov: “The West has declared us all-out hybrid war, and everyone will feel the consequences”

©  via REUTERS Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that the West has announced “an all-out hybrid war” against Russia and that it is difficult to predict how long it will last. Laurence TorckBron: Reuters Saturday 14 May 2022 at 16:30

Medvedev predicts the consequences of the sanctions against Russia. “New Epidemics and Food Crisis”

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council and former president of Russia, has announced what he thinks the world will look like after the West imposes sanctions on his country. According to him, a number of global supply chains of goods will collapse, food, monetary and financial crises are possible in some countries … Read more

The eruption of the volcano in the Tonga islands had consequences even in space

NOAA NOAA via ReutersSatellite image of the Tonga volcanic eruption that occurred on January 15, 2022 SCIENCE – We already knew it was themost powerful explosive eruption of the 21st century. We now know that it had consequences even in space. On January 15, the Tonga were hit by a volcanic eruption so powerful it … Read more

The harsh consequences that await Elon Musk if he regrets buying Twitter

Elon Musk’s Twitter profile on a smartphone (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) In the preliminary agreement between Elon Musk y Twitter for the purchase of the social network there is a clause that establishes that undoing the contract entails a billion dollar fine. But the issue is not as simple as simply paying that fine. Musk reported – … Read more

Russia blocks gas for the first time: the consequences for Europe

As widely expected, after the Ukraine’s decision to close the Russian gas access point in the Donbass last Wednesday, the reaction from Moscow arrived. Russia has decided to stop the gas flows that pass through the Yamal-Europa pipeline in Poland. The closed transit point from Ukraine handles about 8% of Russian gas flows to Europe, … Read more

Refusal of license for Mouscron: discover all the consequences on our amateur football

The ax fell on Tuesday: Mouscron was dismissed on appeal by the Belgian Center for Arbitration in the sports sector (C-SAR) which confirms the decision of the Licensing Commission of the Belgian Union not to grant a professional license to the Hurlus. Deprived of the precious sesame, Excel will no longer be able to evolve … Read more

Updated forecast: The consequences of the war will be severe for Lithuania Business

According to the international risk management company Coface, the end of the Russian war in Ukraine is unlikely in the near future. Several rounds of negotiations and the five sanctions packages already introduced by the European Union (EU) (the sixth is still under discussion) have not yet accelerated the peace agreement, so there is no … Read more

In order not to have fatal consequences, diabetics must know powerful tips for overcoming them – All Pages Much blood sugar in the body that soars can certainly bring bad risks to health. Increased blood sugar levels are indeed a major problem for sufferers diabetes. No wonder if diabetics required to maintain a diet and daily lifestyle. A number of foods and drinks consumed can actually affect blood sugar spikes in the … Read more