Hawking’s theory, which is proven to be real, was once considered strange

Hawking’s theory, which is proven to be real today, was once considered strange. Hawking has many theories that are now real because they have actually been proven to happen. The theory relates to the universe. Read Also: Understanding Hawking Radiation, What’s Up with Black Holes? Take a peek at Hawking’s theory, which is proven real … Read more

Avian flu is already considered an epidemic but they give an encouraging message

The bird flu arrived in Argentina just over a month ago and although it is already considered a Epidemic due to its contagious capacity, from the National Service for Food Health and Quality (Senasa) clarified that it is a disease that “is not transmitted from person to person” and, therefore, “so far does not have … Read more

explained the reason why the Vatican has considered this rodent a fish for hundreds of years

Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents, native to South America. Although their appearance might not seem like it, capybaras are excellent swimmers and seem to enjoy spending time in the water. They can hold their breath underwater for about five minutes and often hibernate in the water or on the banks of rivers to cool … Read more

Crab Facts about the Myriad Benefits of This Expensive Marine Animal

LINK UMKM – Indonesia is known as a maritime country, not without reason. Indonesia is given this nickname because its ocean area is larger than its land area. The area of ​​the ocean is an advantage to be proud of because the marine products are abundant and abundant. Indonesia’s many marine products include fish, shrimp, … Read more

The Russian elite is no longer satisfied with Putin: what actions are being considered?

Delfi.lv’s sources in Moscow believe that Russia’s ruling regime is not as resistant to tests as it is made out to be, and that the country’s functionaries and oligarchs are increasingly dissatisfied with the policy of President Vladimir Putin. According to them, Russian power structures, business, and industry are no longer interested in the continuation … Read more

The terrible story of a Titanic survivor who, years before the tragedy, arrived in Peru on vacation, fell in love and raised a family that considered him a legend | Peter Dennis Daly | Liverpool | Southampton | Vapor Carpathia| nnsp | ARCHIVE-ELCOMERCIO

READ ALSO | Rolling Stones in Peru: when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were evicted from two Lima hotels for their bad habitstos With her he settled in our country and had 10 children: five men and five women. He also became a representative of the London firm Haes & Sons in Peru. In 1912, … Read more

here is why the Chinese social network is worrying and is now considered a danger!

The National Security Council (CNS) decided on Friday to ban ministers, cabinet members and federal officials from using the Chinese application TikTok on their professional devices. This ban, decided on the basis of an analysis by State Security and an opinion from the Center for Cybersecurity (CCB), will apply for a period of six months … Read more

The creator of Gears of War considered adapting the fourth installment to the first person

Cliff Bleszinski, father of Gears of Warhas revealed in a recent episode of the XboxEra podcast that he was toying with the possibility of developing Gears of War 4 in first person before selling the license to Xbox. The same creative commented at the beginning of November of last year that Epic Games got rid … Read more

Thai man jailed for selling calendar with photo of yellow rubber duck, considered defamation of royal family

BANGKOK, KOMPAS.com – A man in Thailand Narathorn Chotmankongsin (26) was sentenced to prison for selling a 2021 calendar that included a series of photos of a yellow rubber duck. He is selling the calendar through Ratsadon’s popular pro-democracy Facebook page in “The Country of White Elephants”. Narathorn was sentenced to two years in prison … Read more