Covid-19: Uneven vaccination weighs down the containment of covid-19 in Latin America | Society

The battle against the pandemic in one of the regions where it hits the most is similar to trying to empty a closed water balloon: when you push on one side and cases go down there, they rise elsewhere. There has not been a single month since March 2020 in which at least one country … Read more

“Bye Bye Containment !?”: drawings to laugh at the pandemic

The pandemic … We can also laugh about it. This is what offers, with humor, the book of drawings Bye Bye Confinement!? unveiled Thursday at the Musée de la civilization in Quebec. • Read also: COVID-19 in Quebec: 754 additional cases and 7 new deaths • Read also: COVID-19: the fourth wave hits intensive care … Read more

Covid-19: Containment had a deleterious impact on the severity of metastatic colorectal cancer | Press room

A late first visit of patients to an oncologist and the reduction of screening tests during confinement appear to be the main causes of the difference in tumor burden. © Adobe Stock The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly weakened the global fight against cancer. Successive confinements have limited access to care and have led to a … Read more

A fence is being built in Lithuania on the border with Belarus

The 30 km long fence is being built to contain the increased flow of migrants from Belarus. Lithuania on Friday, July 9, began construction of a fence on the border. This is done to combat the increased flow of illegal migrants, writes The fence is installed in the area of ​​the Druskininkskaya outpost. Its … Read more

ECB: Eurozone recovery remains partial and uneven – Economy

After a “drastic collapse” in growth in the first weeks of the second quarter due to the coronavirus emergency, “the recovery in the Eurozone remains partial and uneven”. This is what we read in the minutes of the last Eurotower meeting in July which explains that “in parallel with the ongoing containment of the virus … Read more

The 8am news – Coronavirus: is containment inevitable?

The specialists warn: if the French are not more vigilant, a reconfinement will be inevitable. Currently, the situation continues to deteriorate with 2,846 new contaminations counted during the last 24 hours. The test positive rate increases also, which means that 2.4% of those tested are found to be infected. Professor Annane, head of the intensive … Read more

Containment: France’s GDP plummets by 13% in the second quarter

President Macron, looking up to the sky. Salvation may come from there. The containment measures taken by the French government to contain the coronavirus have had a disastrous effect on the economy. In the second quarter of 2020, the gross domestic product (GDP) shows a historic recession of -13.8%, succeeding -5.9% recorded in the first … Read more

Human-caused seismic noise halved during containment

This is the conclusion of an international study, published this week in the journal Science. Never seen. An international study published in Science Thursday highlights an average 50% reduction in human-made seismic noise during containment, between January and May 2020. Seismic noise, the set of permanent vibrations of the ground, has a multitude of causes. … Read more

Studies on anti-Covid measures – Faster containment would have saved 1,600 lives in Switzerland

The University of Bern estimates that faster action could have saved some 1,600 lives. Waiting another week, on the other hand, would have resulted in thousands more deaths. Oliver Zihlmann, Christian Brönnimann, Roland Andreas Gamp Posted today at 15:24 The Bernese study shows that a single day of confinement less would have cost 500 additional … Read more

Earth vibrates less since the implementation of containment around the world

Did you know humans can make the Earth shake? Well, this is indeed the case from the point of view of seismologists. Human activities, including for example construction sites, industries, the movement of vehicles and even sporting events, indeed create a constant background noise made up of high frequency seismic noise. To deal with the … Read more