Opinion | There are confusions, contradictions and government lies about the new Santa Lucia airport

The Texcoco airport project, canceled by López Obrador, tried to solve this matter through 96 contact positions (doors directly connected to the planes), another 68 remote positions for medium and small-sized aircraft, and three runways whose operation could operate in parallel. In total, this airport intended to provide simultaneous service to 164 aircraft and 135 … Read more

Clenched fists and racism: those contradictions in American sport

John Carlos forgot his gloves that day. Yet everything had been designed down to the smallest detail: a barefoot walk, an unbuttoned collar and a pearl necklace. A collection of symbols that went up on the podium of the Olympic 200 meters at the games of Mexico City 1968. The two closed fists of Tommie … Read more

Green pass, the disparities and contradictions are there indeed: so people do not trust

by Gianluca Pinto The level of debate on the green pass in the style of “Comics’ Golden age”, in which the world is divided into good and bad tout court. However, if I like this approach in US comics from the 1930s and 1950s, I don’t find it particularly inspiring in 2021 when it comes … Read more

Lukaku, Ronaldo, Messi …: the market of contradictions

Lhe passage of Leo Messi to PSG did not bring back the slightest peseta: and for good reason, the “Pulga” had become a free player. A consequence of the health crisis, but also of the confirmation of the power of these same players and their agents who have every interest in going until the end … Read more

a Russian director facing the contradictions of communism

Pointing out a system without condemning men: Andrei Kontchalovsky addresses the contradictions between communist ideals and historical reality through the repression of a strike in 1962 in “Dear Comrades!”, The latest film by a filmmaker who has spanned decades of history Russian. In this film, which releases Wednesday, the 84-year-old director tells the frantic quest … Read more

A message from Ethiopia to the Security Council regarding the Renaissance Dam… blatant contradictions and accusations sent

Subscribe to receive the most important news Ethiopia still insists on its contradictory positions, its open slander against Egypt and Sudan, and its insistence on the second filling of the Renaissance Dam without regard to the rights of the downstream countries, violating international law and diplomatic relations. In the latest episodes of Ethiopian slander, Addis … Read more

The Supreme Court criticized the verdict on Kočner as contrary to elementary logic – Domestic – News

VIDEO: Peter Kubina, Kuciakov’s representative, on the Supreme Court ruling. “The Supreme Court found that the court of first instance ruled prematurely, insufficiently reasoned the judgment, evaluated some evidence without interrelationship and also assessed evidence that it did not take,” said Peter Paluda, chairman of the three-member Senate of the Supreme Court. “If the Specialized … Read more

The opinion of the DGS, the profits and the exception: the contradictions in the polemical camp of the ‘liberals’

If just 15 days ago, the Liberal Initiative (IL) criticized the end of the Champions League, in Porto, considering that it “shattered” the government’s credibility, the party now devalues ​​the criticisms of the camp it promoted in Lisbon, in Santo António, and guarantees that the event took place with “safety”. “To those who said that … Read more