Analysis of the convenience of civil traffic officers and not traffic police – Research – Justice

“The transit functions developed by the National Police in the districts and capital cities will be gradually dismantled to relocate the service of these uniformed men in surveillance mode. Territorial entities must plan the creation of a new civil transit scheme that guarantees compliance with traffic regulations ”. This is established by the Framework Policy … Read more

# Lady3Pesos mocks employees in a convenience store

The woman insulted the employees of a self-service store in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office. Photo: Video capture MEXICO CITY. In social networks they baptized a woman as # Lady3Pesos, after insulting the employees of a self-service store in Azcapotzalco. According to reports, the woman was furious after being denied access to the establishment accompanied by … Read more

Is fruit and vegetables from the market or convenience store better? The test gives a clear answer

The consumer organization dTest decided to measure fruit and vegetables taken on the same day at a market, supermarket, discount store and convenience store. To make the comparison more interesting, she also added goods from Lidl, Germany. Specifically, it was the purchase of cucumbers, carrots, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red apples and strawberries. “Testing and purchasing … Read more

Convenience stores without a cashier | The Journal of Quebec

Buy merchandise without having to go through the checkout to pay. This is one of the technologies that the giant Alimentation Couche-Tard will soon be testing in certain convenience stores in the United States. Over the past few days, Couche-Tard management has confirmed that it has signed a partnership with the young San Francisco company, … Read more