No more snooping on WhatsApp. You can lock your conversations

illustration picture | Photo: <!—-> If you often find yourself in situations where you don’t have much privacy and would like to hide some of your conversations and notifications from the eyes of others around you, the new feature in WhatsApp will come in handy. You will now be able to lock conversations into … Read more

Whatsapp now allows you to hide your secret and intimate conversations

WhatsApp intends to offer an additional alternative to its users to better protect their privacy. WhatsApp now offers a new solution to secure a chat so that it cannot be seen by another person using your smartphone. Dubbed Chat Lock, the option allows users to lock and hide certain conversations. Its operation is simple, users … Read more

WhatsApp users will soon be able to secure chat conversations

Photo: CC0 via Pixabay WhatsApp users will soon be able to secure their conversations. Before selecting a chat conversation, users can place it in a separate folder. That folder is provided with a password or can be unlocked with facial recognition or a fingerprint. Also, once a conversation is in the secure folder, the user … Read more

A new feature of the WhatsApp application to transfer conversations from one phone to another without backup

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature through the WhatsApp application related to transferring conversations, photos and videos from one phone to another without making a backup. Advantages of the WhatsApp 2023 application And according to what was reported by the media, this feature benefits iPhone and Android smartphone users, who do not have additional … Read more

WhatsApp makes your conversations more interactive with this update

WhatsApp has just released a new update for its app. It includes several new features that aim to make your discussions more productive and interactive. Credit: 123RF To encourage its 2 billion users not to look elsewhere, WhatsApp is multiplying the new features and improvements to its application. Recently, for example, we learned that it … Read more

Our ability to remember conversations turns out to be disconcertingly poor

Sculpture Eline van Strien Mark Rutte could not remember talking about a ‘function elsewhere’ for CDA member Pieter Omtzigt, in his conversation with ‘scouts’ Jorritsma and Ollongren, spring 2021. That conversation had taken place, he remembered that, but Turn around? Only the prime minister himself knows whether Rutte’s memory really failed him. But recent scientific … Read more

Wiretapped conversations reveal: Slitting the throats of Ukrainian prisoners after interrogation

28. apr. 2023 21:09 – Updated Apr 29 2023 12:45 “People who are prisoners of war… There’s no point in keeping them because we’ve got all the information out of them.” This is what a Russian soldier is said to have said in an intercepted telephone conversation. According to the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the … Read more

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to try to put fun in our conversations

WhatsApp is testing a new feature: animated emojis. It was spotted recently and could send itself by default, instead of “static” emojis. They will be available in a later beta version of WhastApp Desktop. Source : Eyestetix Studio After kitsch avatars and emojis in response to messages, other little faces are coming to WhatsApp: animated emojis. … Read more

WhatsApp releases a new sticker creator for iOS users: customize your conversations to the fullest

April 19, 2023 WhatsApp has just pushed out a new stable update for iOS users, available on the App Store – the build number is 23.7.82. What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is widely rolling out sticker maker tool for everyone! Back in February, WhatsApp was rolling out a sticker creation tool to allow users … Read more