Panama Papers: the tax authorities have finally received a copy of the data of the Belgians concerned

The information is relayed Thursday in Le Soir, De Tijd and Knack, the Belgian dailies which had helped to reveal the global tax evasion scandal. These data are analyzed according to the usual methods, specifies the minister in an answer to a parliamentary question of the deputy Marc Van Hees (PTB). Already in August 2017, … Read more

Body language experts: Harry and Meghan copy John and Yoko!

According to expert Judi James, Meghan is relaxed in summer clothes. “Meghan is strongly informal, her body language is far from bound by royal restrictions,” Judi explained in the Daily Mail. Apparently famous couples already have a lot in common: Harry left the family as well Lennon The Beatles, together with Meghan, strive for a … Read more

From 26 August, the Nolan blockbuster – Ultima Ora will be available in 700 copies

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 25 – An attack in the crowded hall of an opera house, crackling of shots, with a great profusion of deafening bass, and then only a hundred explosions, toxic gases and soldiers armed to the teeth. This is the incipit of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, an auteur blockbuster par excellence, with a … Read more

Tesla Cybertuck faces the road, here is the perfect copy created in Bosnia

A Tesla Cybertruck is roaming the streets of Bosnia-Herzegovina but better not to be fooled. It is not in fact the futuristic vehicle created by the queen of the electric but a faithful copy of it. Created by a motor enthusiast and immediately posted on Instagram, the car looks perfect. It has the same square … Read more

Another copy of the Jeep Wrangler? The new Mahindra Thar imitates the American icon

Disputes between the Indian Mahindra and the American Jeep over the design of the Roxor model, which Mahindra sells in the USA, were closely watched and the court ultimately ruled against the Indians, who, according to Automotive News, banned the import and sale of the car in the United States. This is despite the fact … Read more

A sealed copy of 1985’s ‘Super Mario Bros’ sold at record price

An unopened copy of the legendary 1985 game ‘Super Mario Bros’ has been sold at auction to an anonymous bidder for $ 114,000, setting a new record for the sale of a single video game. The copy, sold by Heritage Auctions auction house, received a 9.4 out of 10 rating, meaning it had been in … Read more

Extremely thin Netrebko boasted slim legs in mini shorts

At the star of the world opera Anna Netrebko Now – forced leave: all concerts and performances are canceled due to coronavirus. In quarantine, the singer decided to start arranging the terrace of her apartment in Vienna. Artist’s apartments are located in the heart of the capital Of Austria, and from the roof of the … Read more