People gasped at the sight of the grown-up Lisa Galkina: “A copy of mom in profile!”

The family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin* emigrated to Israel last year. Now fans rarely learn about the everyday life of the twins Lisa and Harry. The head of the family has not shown the children of the prima donna for a long time, trying now to talk as little as possible about loved … Read more

Report: A new version of Counter-Strike is coming soon

the date 3/6/2023 11:35:08 PM (MENAFN- Youm7) Hadid’s report revealed that valve game studio is currently developing a new version of the famous first-person shooter series ‘Counter Strike’. According to the report, the online first-person shooter titled “Counter-Strike 2” may launch its beta program in the next few months, and since the release of “Counter-Strike: … Read more

Prevent Plagiarism and Maintain Academic Integrity, Avoid Legal Impact from Copy Paste Actions in Final Project

22 February 2023 20:00 | Updated: February 22, 2023 22:06 Kompasiana is a blogging platform. This content is the responsibility of the blogger and does not represent the editorial views of Kompas. Have you ever felt frustrated when you found that the results of your hard work, such as a thesis, or dissertation, had … Read more

“Deep Death Dungeon Darkness” copy of the new soul game release Hong Kong mobile game network

This game is a dark fantasy Roguelike action game that introduces the permanent death mechanism into Soul-like 3D. The stage of the game is the 12-story “Death Labyrinth” leading to the underworld. The protagonist will challenge the death labyrinth to meet his dead lover and fight powerful enemies that stand in his way. In terms … Read more

Customs vandalizes a valuable collector’s copy of Pokemon

Picture: Stephen Kick/Nintendo/Kotaku The US Customs and Border Protection just screwed up an original copy sealed of pokemon yellow. the game had worth nearly $4,000 on the collector’s market. Customs inspectors broke the seal, the box and even cracked the cover of the object of collection. The game owner calls itself The_Master_Of_Unlocking. In an email … Read more

Microsoft completely abandons one copy of Windows… Yemen

Local news Press B .. Yemeni news Watch Microsoft permanently abandon one of the copies of Windows and now watch the details. Microsoft has begun to gradually abandon a popular version of Windows, which is Windows 10. Follow-up – Yemeni news: Microsoft decided to gradually abandon Windows 10 systems, and as of the end of … Read more

Remember the copy of Yulia Savicheva from the Star Factory? Ahnete seeing her now (photo)

January 24, 2023 10:45 am Changed drastically. Yulia Savicheva became famous thanks to the second season of Star Factory. The daring rock image of the singer became canonical and laid the foundation for a new trend on the show. So, the next bright representative of this style was the red-haired Alexandra Balakireva from the fifth … Read more

10 Celebrity Fashion Trends With Green, You Can Copy For Slicker Styles in 2023!

Singer with a melodious voice Lyodra is known as one of the celebrities who has a simple but still elegant fashion style. In this photo, he appears to be wearing a green knit shirt layered with a blazer. Copyright: credit: instagram/lyodraofficial/tmd

Bašta gave an interview to the Russians: the EU is a failed copy of the Soviet Union

“The irony is that the current European Union is in many ways a failed copy of the Soviet Union,” said Bašta in conversation. According to him, the European Parliament is similar to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, which was the highest body of state power in the USSR between 1938 and 1989 and … Read more