NVIDIA officially released the 16pin graphics card power cord fusing statement: the user plugged in the wrong way, only 50 cases are known worldwide | T Kebang

After weeks of researching multiple incidents involving melting and overheating of the GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card’s 12VHPWR power connector, Nvidia has finally issued an official statement.At the same time, they are facing usersQuestions and complaints about their product design flaws。 NVIDIA confirms their initial findings based on 50 cases around the world that the … Read more

The 16Pin power cord is frequently burned: RTX 4090 users decide to sue NVIDIA

Recently, the news about the largest number of RTX 4090 is “several 16Pin power lines have been burned”. The 16Pin power cable used by NVIDIA on the RTX 4090 graphics card has experienced many burnouts since the graphics card went on the marketAlthough NVIDIA has responded many times and said that it will investigate the … Read more

In Switzerland, nine people with spinal paralysis start walking again thanks to electrical stimulation in damaged areas of the spinal cord – videos

Start walking again – literally – thanks to electrical stimulation of the spinal cord area. A new study conducted by the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausannein Swissand published in the journal Nature, opens up to this new discovery that could represent a real breakthrough in the treatment of patients affected by spinal paralysis, long considered … Read more

Severed spinal cord and no feeling below the neck… Bruno Sanches (HPI) victim of a terrible accident!

What if we had never had the opportunity to discover Bruno Sanches on the big or small screen? This could have happened if his talent had not been recognized, of course, but also if Alex Lutz’s sidekick in Catherine and Liliane had not recovered from the terrible accident he suffered during his childhood. Indeed, in … Read more

A new biodegradable gel could “repair” the damage caused by a heart attack Galata

Thursday, June 9, 2022, 11:37 p.m. 31 readings A new biodegradable gel has been developed to repair the damage caused by a heart attack, DPA / PA Media reported on Wednesday.Experts from the University of Manchester, supported by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), have created this substance that can be injected directly into the heart … Read more

Research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have shown that an existing drug can reduce damage after spinal cord injury, by blocking the inflammatory response in the spinal cord. Their research, published today in Clinical and translational medicinedemonstrates that AZD1236, a drug developed by AstraZeneca, can significantly reduce “secondary damage” caused by the body’s response to … Read more

“It was almost me who cut the cord”: Garou explains why he cut ties with Celine Dion

The singer Garou confided, on French television, on his relationship with Celine Dion and René Angélil.Guest on the show in aparté broadcast on Canal+, the singer of Belle explained how he distanced himself from Celine Dion. • Read also: An American YouTuber loses his means hearing Ginette Reno for the first time In a video … Read more

Reactivation of spinal cord nerves in a patient with neurodegenerative disease

PARIS, April 7 (Benin News) – A patient suffering from a debilitating neurodegenerative disease was able to get up and walk again after being bedridden for more than a year, thanks to an innovative system developed by a team of scientists from the NeuroRestore research center led by Jocelyne Bloch , neurosurgeon at the CHUV … Read more

Liliana Resinovich, found her DNA on the cord tightly around her neck: “It could be suicide” – Corriere.it

Of Andrea Pasqualetto This is the string that closed the nylon bags in which the head of Liliana Resinovich, the woman found dead in Trieste, was stuck. But on the same cord there is another DNA: for the prosecutor it would not be significant. Forensics at work An important trace. It was found on the … Read more

[Kiyoshi Hikawa]Resting with “vocal cord polyps” Concert postponed or canceled Currently being treated at home | TBS NEWS

[Kiyoshi Hikawa]Resting with “vocal cord polyps” Concert postponed or canceled Currently currently being treated at home On the 4th of this month, singer Kiyoshi Hikawa complained of poor physical condition, and the doctor’s office announced on the official website that she needed to rest for a while. Due to her rest, the concert tours to … Read more