COVID-19 Variant with Eek Mutation Found in Indonesia, What is the Impact?

Jakarta – Varian COVID-19 with the E484K or Eek mutation found in Indonesia. This mutation caused a stir in Japan because it was found in about 70 percent of COVID-19 cases last month. Eek’s mutation is of particular concern because it is believed to make the virus more resistant to antibodies. This means that there … Read more

Can Diabetics Fasting?

INDOZONE.ID – Diabetes is a comorbid disease that exacerbates the impact COVID-19. And in a moment, we will enter the moon Ramadhan where to endure hunger and thirst and do good. However, can fasting be done by people with diabetes as well? The answer is very possible but with some conditions. Please note that by … Read more

West Java Records 997 Cases, These Are 4,723 New Cases of COVID-19 RI 10 April

Jakarta – On Saturday (10/4/2021), Indonesia reported the addition of 4,723 new cases COVID-19. The total number of confirmed patients is currently 1,562,868 cases of COVID-19. West Java has the status of a province with the highest addition of COVID-19 cases with 997 cases, followed by DKI Jakarta with 977 cases, and Central Java with … Read more

2 Things People With Heart Disorders Should Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine – All Pages

Reuters (11 March 2021) People with heart problems are important and need to get the Covid-19 vaccine immediately. – Covid-19 vaccination programs are increasing worldwide and are expected to continue into the next year. The availability of this vaccine is also a hope for more people with underlying conditions (comorbid) including conditions heart problems … Read more

Urgent .. «Health» announces the names of the seven governorates with the highest infection with Corona – Egypt

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, reviewed the developments of the epidemiological situation of the new Corona virus in Egypt, the preventive and precautionary measures taken by the state and the important instructions to educate citizens, in conjunction with the celebration of religious events and the holy month of Ramadan. This came during a … Read more

Sinopharm-Sputnik V, Here Are 5 Corona Vaccines That Can Immediately Get BPOM Emergency Permit

Jakarta – The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) revealed five the COVID-19 vaccine who is currently doing the registration process. The five vaccines are outside the Corona vaccines that are approved for purchase by the government. “There are also several vaccines that are in the process of BPOM, but none in the Permenkes are … Read more

Stay Alert, Covid-19 Survivors Can Experience These Health Problems – All Pages

Several new problems can be experienced by Covid-19 patients who recover. – infection corona virus (Covid-19) indeed can be cured. Even so, the patient recovered Covid-19 it seems don’t be satisfied first. Because the results of recent studies reveal that there are several new problem which turned out to have great potential for them … Read more

BPOM Called Local Only Watching Nusantara Vaccine Clinical Trials

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) revealed the research team Nusantara Vaccine made by the former Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto is a sponsor of AVITA Biomedical from the United States. Head of BPOM Penny K. Lukito said the vaccine research team was actually dominated by foreigners. In … Read more

Researchers Reveal Other Viruses That Have Potential to Become Pandemic in the Future

Jakarta – Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 is a new pathogen that has now become a pandemic, spreading in the world. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of other viruses lurking in the bodies of animals and could pose a similar threat. Currently, a research platform provides a ranking list of animal viruses that have the … Read more

Covid Clusters in Schools for Not Compliant with Health Care Centers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture) said the corona virus transmission cluster (Covid-19) appear in face-to-face learning because school residents do not adhere to health protocols. “Of the several cases that occurred, when the school occurred in clusters, there were generally violations of health protocols. Not being … Read more