Another effect of Corona has emerged: It accelerates cancer

Çukurova University (ÇÜ) Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Chest Diseases Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Yasemin Saygı Saygı said in their research that they determined that the corona virus accelerated the spread of cancer cells. Release: 12:11 – 07 December 2022 Updated: 12:12 – 07 December 2022 CU Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Chest Diseases Department … Read more

At first glance similar to the flu, these are the 5 symptoms of the latest variant of COVID-19 | Corona Virus

Virus Corona continues to mutate and trigger an increase in COVID-19 RI, variations in symptoms are increasingly in the spotlight, even flu-like. These are the symptoms of the new variant of COVID-19: Virus Corona continues to mutate and trigger an increase in COVID-19 RI, variations in symptoms are increasingly in the spotlight. How even flu-like. … Read more

Xi Jinping’s zero corona policy that turned the health crisis into a political crisis China’s failure to deal with corona, a major threat to the president and the Communist Party (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

China’s Covid-19 Failure, Big Threat to President and Communist Party (December 3, 2022 issue of The Economist, UK) China’s new leadership announced on Oct. 23, photo: Reuters/Aflo ◆ Special release ◆ This article is a special article for premium members, but it is specially published for a limited time. (On this occasion, you can read … Read more

“Depression, anxiety, and aging.” A new study reveals the impact of Corona closures on the brains of adolescents

New research indicates that the brains of teens who experienced shutdowns during the coronavirus outbreak showed signs of premature aging. The researchers compared the examinations of 81 adolescents in the United States before the epidemic, during the period between November 2016 and November 2019, with a sample of 82 adolescents, whose examinations were conducted between … Read more

Ineke had long-term complaints due to her corona vaccination: ‘I really don’t wish this on anyone’

‘MS is ruled out’ It naturally raises the question of whether these complaints were actually caused by the corona vaccine. After Ineke sounded the alarm at her GP, several doctors did research: “Scans were made, an epidural was done, fortunately, diseases such as MS have been ruled out”. Before her vaccination she had no other … Read more

Corona medicine soon available at pharmacies

PRESCRIPTION: Norway has initially received enough pills for 25,000 people. Photo: JENNIFER LORENZINI/Reuters From next week, Pfizer’s corona pill Paxlovid, which reduces the risk of serious illness, will be available in Norwegian pharmacies. Published: Yesterday 07:41 Updated yesterday 17:03 It is primarily the elderly and those with an underlying illness who will benefit from the … Read more

Corona medicine can provide effective treatment for the seriously ill – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The Directorate of Health has informed that patients with a high risk of serious illness can be offered treatment with Paxlovid if they have been diagnosed with corona. The medicine reduces the risk of serious illness in those with a high risk of becoming seriously ill. It is primarily the elderly who will benefit from … Read more

HEADLINE: RI’s COVID-19 Highest in Southeast Asia, China Soars to Lockdown, Second Booster Is the Solution?

Besides Indonesia, an Asian country that is experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases is China. The first country to find the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has again experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases. Data compiled by the National Health Commission in China as of November 29, new cases reported that day reached 37,828. The … Read more

Chinese major cities lift corona measures after fierce protests, deputy prime minister hints that the whole country will follow

© via REUTERS The protests in the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou seem to be yielding something. After the demonstrators and the police clashed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the local authorities decided to lift the controversial corona measures. The measures are also being relaxed in the metropolis of Chongqing. Deputy Prime Minister Sun … Read more

349 new corona infections and 1 death registered in November

In Suriname, 349 new corona infections and 1 death were registered in November. The new cases were mainly found in people from Paramaribo (131) and Wanica (47). This is evident from the latest update of the figures on the official COVID-19 website of the Surinamese government. The figures also show that 41 people ended up … Read more