The storm that can end civilization

Mauricio Saldivar 28 Ago 10 min A solar storm in this hyper-connected and electro-dependent world could set humanity back decades. On the morning of September 1, 1859, Richard Carrington realized that something unusual was happening with the Sun. Like every day, he watched it through a telescope from his garden in London, fascinated by the … Read more

The geomagnetic storm is already here. A stream of solar particles crashed into the Earth at a speed of 600 km / s

As a result of a solar flare on Earth, the appearance of a G2 class geomagnetic storm was recorded. Back on Sunday, August 7, scientists warned that a huge spot appeared on the Sun, which could provoke a powerful flare and coronal mass ejections. These are streams of charged particles that, upon reaching our planet, … Read more

NASA observatory captures an amazing solar eclipse from space

NASA has some really amazing tools in hand for observing the sun, and one of them spotted the moon passing in front of the sun in a gorgeous partial eclipse seen from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors the sun twenty-four hours a day. At least he watched the sun in this way last week, … Read more