Overseas Travelers Rules Applicable From 18 May 2022

KOMPAS.com – The government through the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (Satgas) issued a overseas travel rules latest. The regulation is contained in Circular (SE) Number 19 of 2022 concerning Health Protocols for Overseas Travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period. The latest SE to regulate foreign travelers (PPLN) was signed by the Chairman of the Task … Read more

Amid high inflation, see how to negotiate the rent readjustment – Photos

O residential rent recorded an increase of 1.63% in March 2022, the biggest change since June 2011, according to the FipeZAP+ Index, which analyzes values ​​in 25 cities in the country. The result represented a new acceleration of the index in relation to the results of the previous eight months. Therefore, for tenants and owners, … Read more

1,500 People Attend Monkey Funeral in India with Mass Procession and Courtyard Party all

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – An estimated 1,500 people attended burial ape from India recently, with ceremony burials include large processions and feasts, amid threats coronavirus pandemic. Launch Newsweek on Wednesday (12/1/2022), a video uploaded to Twitter showed a crowd of people attending an event that was claimed to be the last ceremony for the langur … Read more

Video Call Using a Star Trek -style Hologram Becomes a Reality

Jakarta – Coronavirus pandemic made travel between countries in the world mostly stopped since March 2020. This prompted business people to take an interest in using hologram or 3D light projection. This technology can present a person more fully than a video call. Like in Star Trek and other sci-fi films about the future, with … Read more

coronavirus mutates into a new dangerous strain

Doctors fear that the new version of the omicron coronavirus can deceive the human immune system and infect those who have already had COVID-19. Recently, a new type of “omicron” was discovered, which cannot be detected using a PCR test. Dubbed the Greek letter omicron, a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus could have a … Read more

Coronavirus pandemic – WHO warns of poverty, hunger and inequality

According to him, a “fundamental change” in the perception of the value of health is needed. “When the pandemic is over, we will be left with more serious problems than before it began: poverty, hunger, inequality, noncommunicable diseases, climate change and more,” said the head of WHO. Economic growth based on the health and well-being … Read more

Chinese Citizens Panic Buying Make Empty Shelves – Queues Snaking, What’s Up?

Jakarta – In a video that was spread on Chinese social media, Weibo saw Chinese citizens being hit panic buying. They wholesale groceries for daily needs. It even invited a queue to leave at a supermarket in Changzhou, China. The shopping carts of residents were also known to be full and the shelves in the … Read more