These are 5 Safe Steps to Avoid Corona Virus in a Confined Space – Government through the Task Force Covid-19 plans to open cinema in DKI Jakarta in the near future. Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Wiku Adisasmito claims cinemas contribute to increasing body immunity. This is because according to Wiku, people will feel happy when watching movies in theaters. Also read: Expert Notes on … Read more

Global Death Rate Due to Covid-19 Transcends 800,000 Pages all – Number of deaths as a result corona virus in the world surpass 800,000 people. According to calculations Reuters, Sunday (23/8/2020), which is based on data from the last two weeks, nearly 5,900 people die every 24 hours as a result corona virus. That figure is equivalent to 246 people who died as a … Read more

Servel hurries the stride 66 days before the October plebiscite

Just over two months before the plebiscite, the Electoral Service (Servel) is working at full speed. They are used to the stress of an electoral period, but now they face new hurdles. After Congress passed into law the bill that gives it new powers to organize a safe plebiscite, the countdown began to deliver the … Read more

Minister: Ecuador will requisition medicines to treat COVID-19

QUITO (Sputnik) – The Ecuadorian authorities will requisition drugs to treat COVID-19 patients in the public network, announced the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos. “More than a drug deficit, we should talk about a greater demand for the drug with limited supply, so in that game, if the pharmaceutical companies do not want to … Read more

Unique Action of This Man Proposing His Girlfriend After Waiting 3 Weeks to Lockdown Page all

NEW YORK CITY, – A man must wait for the right time to apply her lover in the middle coronavirus pandemic, which made them quite satisfied just by communicating via the telephone network for 3 weeks. Riky Ash first met her lover, Katrina Dobson in March online, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Not long … Read more

Deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil pass 100,000, Experts Desperate Page all

BRASILIA, – Number of victims who died as a result Covid-19 of Brazil estimated at 100,000 deaths Reuters, Saturday (8/8/2020). That number is likely to continue to rise as most Brazilian cities reopen shops and eateries despite the pandemic corona virus hasn’t reached the top yet. Brazil reported its first case of the new … Read more

The number of Covid-19 contaminations is on the rise again in Italy

While the pandemic continues to progress in the world, having already killed more than 721,000 people, Italy is seeing a resurgence of Covid-19 all over the country. Thus, a jump of 38% of contaminations was recorded on August 7 in the space of 24 hours, of which about a third in the region of northeastern … Read more

Doctors Overwhelmed by Covid-19, President Duterte Urged to Tighten Lockdown Page all

MANILA, – Dozens of groups of doctors on Saturday (1/8/2020) warned the government Filipina about impact Covid-19 which is getting worse there. They urged President Rodrigo Duterte to tighten up lockdown when the number of cases jumped and the hospital was overwhelmed. Launch AFP on Saturday (1/8/2020), there are 80 medical associations representing tens … Read more

Government Is Recommended To Use Covid-19 Pool Test Method

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – DKI Jakarta Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory researcher, Ungke Antonjaya suggested the government implement the method pool test or combining several specimens in one test to increase examination capacity corona virus (Covid-19). “Pool test indeed it is currently needed to increase capacity (testing), “Ungke said in a virtual discussion ‘Inequality Covid-19 Test in … Read more

Duterte Imbau Clean Masks with Gasoline, Experts: Big Wrong! Page all

MANILA, – President Filipina Rodrigo Duterte said that Filipinos should use fuel as disinfectant to clean up face mask. That was said by Duterte on Friday (7/31/2020) as reported by Reuters. Some time ago, Duterte also said that if disinfectant was not available, it would be better for Filipinos to use gasoline as a … Read more