The Salamanca City Council begins tomorrow to distribute the books purchased to the city’s bookstores

The consistory has acquired books worth 2,000 euros from each of the local bookstores that have joined this initiative, which have been Leomanía, Letras Corsarias, El Carmen, Nueva Plaza Universitaria, Librería Pablos, Melibea, Rivas, Villamayor 47, Yuste, Shrews, La Caraba, La Galatea, Víctor Jara, Los Robles, Campus, La Nave, La Latina, Castilla, Mundus Libri, Quercus, … Read more

Displeasure after Federal Council decision – despite state aid: Companies will soon be able to distribute money to shareholders again

In the spring it was said that companies would not be allowed to distribute dividends again until five years from now, once they have repaid the state money. Now it’s faster – and you don’t have to pay back. Christoph Lenz Posted today at 6:25 am Retail and hospitality businesses that need hardship assistance should … Read more

The Seville City Council will give a seat to the Andalusian Film Academy

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and the delegate of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism, Antonio Munoz, have held a meeting this week with a representation of the board of the Andalusian Film Academy headed by its president, the producer Marta Velasco, and by the first vice president and president of Asecan, Lourdes Palacios, with … Read more

The Aarauer SP is spoiled for choice: Who will join the Aarau City Council? – Aarau – Aargau

The moment of truth in the Aarau city council election campaign is closer than many believe. Because the SP’s claim to a seat seems undisputed and only incorrigible bourgeois optimists believe that the SVP can change something in the party composition of the city government, the factual decision should be made on Thursday, March 25th. … Read more

The Malvinas Council advances in the elaboration of State policies around the Islands

The National Council in charge of defining State policies on the Malvinas issue advances in the constitution of several interdisciplinary commissions with the focus on strengthening the claim of sovereignty over the islands of the South Atlantic, after the exclusion of the archipelago from the post-Brexit trade agreement, between the United Kingdom and the European … Read more

The Barcelona Provincial Council finds hidden papers of irregular subsidies

The documentation was not in the administrative files of the items investigated This work is part of the judicial investigation on the diversion of funds for the ‘procés’ The investigations focus on 27 entities and a total of 44 financial aid The Barcelona Provincial Council has discovered in recent months lost and misplaced documentation of … Read more

The Barcelona City Council will charge for recharging electric cars from the 18th

Barcelona City Council has decided to charge electric car owners and users for recharging their vehicles at municipal points in the city. The measure will come into effect on January 18, as published betevé. The rates will depend on whether the person recharging the vehicle is a regular or sporadic user of these points. For … Read more

Unemployment insurance: the Economic Analysis Council sets foot in the dish – Economy

A few days before the resumption of consultations between the Ministry of Labor and the social partners, the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) on Tuesday published an explosive note on unemployment insurance. Signed by Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo and Camille Landais, the document invites in particular to rethink an “ineffective” and “slightly pro-cyclical” regime, by adjusting … Read more

Democracy is limited: In the current emergency, the government council has a free hand – even when it comes to 18 million francs

Thurgau Democracy is limited: In the current emergency, the government council has a free hand – even when it comes to 18 million francs In the dispute over the hardship program, the Thurgau government council has the upper hand in relation to parliament. Because this can only say yes or no. Need has no command: … Read more

PAN urges AMLO to convene the Health Council and the National Vaccination Council

He National Action Party (PAN), in the Chamber of Deputies, urged President López Obrador to summon the General Health Council and the National Vaccination Council so that these authorities are in charge of regulating, coordinating and executing an action plan and that the distribution of the vaccine is more efficient, inclusive and timely. The parliamentary … Read more