The Czech Republic is offered another path to marriage for all. But the politicians are not counting on her yet

In the Chamber of Deputies, the parties are debating the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples. However, it is not yet certain whether the proposal for an amendment to the Civil Code, according to which they would have the same rights in marriage as a woman and a man have now, will pass or not. … Read more

Those who consumed green plums lived! Healings do not stop counting

green plum; It contains vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to health, such as fiber, vitamins A, C and K, and sodium. 100 grams of the sour fruit in question is known as an average of 47 calories. In addition, green plums are more beneficial when consumed without adding salt. Because when salt is … Read more

【Microsoft Build】AI enters the Microsoft Store and introduces artificial intelligence to generate review summaries- – Tech Focus – Computer

× <!– –> [Microsoft Build]AI enters the Microsoft Store and introduces artificial intelligence to generate review summaries | Su Jiahua | 27-05-2023 16:08 | | <!—-> This year’s Microsoft Build developer conference brought a lot of exciting news! In addition to the eye-catching Copilot AI assistant and the integration of Bing search into ChatGPT and … Read more

Pokémon GO Plus+ will debut in July, you can catch Pokemon without holding your phone- – Games Anime- Mobile Game Guide

× <!– –> Pokémon GO Plus+ will debut in July, you can catch Pokemon without holding your phone | Huang Junxiang | 26-05-2023 18:32 | | <!—-> Although the craze for the elf-catching game “Pokémon GO” has subsided, I believe that everyone still sees Friends playing on the street from time to time, and the … Read more

Sony Launches PS5 Access Controller Designed For Gamers With Disabilities- – Game Anime- Esports Games

× <!– –> Sony unveils PS5 Access controller for gamers with disabilities | Huang Junxiang | 21-05-2023 10:00 | | <!—-> In recent years, the technology industry has attached great importance to “barrier-free”, using different software and hardware packages to help users with disabilities. For people with limited mobility, playing games at home may be … Read more

There is no biggest but bigger? The screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to be as large as 6.9 inches – – Tech Focus – iPhone

Since the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has launched a large-screen iPhone every year, and the screen size is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, there is no such thing as the largest screen size, only bigger. It is related to the rumor that the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max launched next year … Read more

Review of Without counting | Warning, minefield

With an almost “Nothombesque” regularity, Philippe Djian concocts very digestible novels almost every year, without however sinking into lightness. Updated May 7 Known for dissecting often explosive couple relationships, he borrows, with Without countingrefreshing paths for the author, but tortuous for his characters. In the center of the chessboard, Nathan, editor in a daily newspaper … Read more

iVRy decrypts Sony PS VR2 to realize direct connection to PC without PS5 – – Internet Life- Internet Hot Talk

In recent years, VR technology has continued to develop, and game manufacturers have launched VR game products. Among them, Sony’s PS VR2 clearly stated that it must be connected to PS5 to play. However, the latest news came out that the iVRy project successfully cracked PS VR2, and it is possible to directly connect to … Read more

MFi dreams shattered? EU warns Apple not to set restrictions on iPhone 15 USB-C or ban sales- – Technology Focus- iPhone

The iPhone 15 series launched by Apple Inc. in the second half of this year is widely rumored to use USB-C, but it is also believed that Apple will join the MFi certification, otherwise the functions will be limited. However, there are reports that the EU has warned Apple not to limit the functionality of … Read more

The disappearing “31st” iOS 16.4.1: Siri and calendar bugs still exist – – Tech Focus – iPhone

The so-called “one bug is not resolved, another bug arises”! iOS 16.4.1, originally designed to recover some Siri function problems, was found to have bugs in Siri and calendars, and some days disappeared in the iOS world. Read the text to learn more about the incident! immediately【click here]use the App to watch more product unboxing … Read more