New and terrifying predictions by the famous astronomer Michel Hayek refer to frightening events in which the hair of the head will turn gray.. predictions that are the first of their kind for this Arab country!

In new predictions for the famous fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, she heads about what is happening in an Arab country, the pioneers of the communication sites re-published and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast carried by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2021. Hayek saw “a retreat … Read more

Inflation in the country is at a record high, but your personal one may be lower: how to find out

Rising inflation worries the population. Although the statistics are frightening, it should be understood that this is an average and each resident spends money on different goods and services. We share expert advice on how to calculate your personal inflation. The entire article can only be read by My Money subscribers. <!– o iki 2021 … Read more

Belarus has problems due to sanctions and debts – the country faces default

reads: 1653829.06.2022 21:05 The Ministry of Finance of Belarus for the first time paid a coupon on Eurobonds maturing in 2027 in the national currency – Belarusian rubles. The state cannot make a payment in the issue currency due to sanctions. This is reported by “LIGA. Business». “Payments on Eurobonds of the Republic of Belarus … Read more

Anas Jaber makes a wonderful request to Williams for her country Tunisia

Anas Jaber and Serena Williams from a previous match between them (Robert Brang/Getty) made a star tennis Tunisian Anas Jaber, the event and aroused the interest of the press and followers around the world, when she played alongside the legend of the game, the American Serena Williamsduring the doubles competition at the Eastbourne Championships, which … Read more

It turned out what kind of knowledge the new Chinese electric car comes to our country with

As previously reported, it belongs to the Chinese SAIC group MG vehicles will also be available in Hungary from the third quarter of 2022, and there will also be a choice for those who are only thinking about fully electric drive: the MG ZS EV, the MG5 station wagon, and the MG4 will also appear. … Read more

Austria is the country in all of Europe with the most trips made by tourists. Soon after comes Portugal

European mobility app FREE NOW has evaluated tens of millions of completed trips in Europe since 2020 to identify the most popular travel destinations. Through this research, it was possible to prove that Portugal, due to its climate, gastronomy and monuments, continues to be one of the favorite destinations throughout Europe. Portugal is the second … Read more

How are the houses with Lego-type bricks made of recycled plastic that are already manufactured in the country

At first glance, it could be said that they make Lego-type bricks from the recycling of caps. The most technical way defines it as the production of 100% recycled polypropylene bricks for the construction of all types of buildings. This is proposed by the first company in the country to develop this “simple and innovative” … Read more

Between stories and tales, Santiago says goodbye to Nicolás Díaz “Margaro”, who made a country laugh

The final funeral honors of Nicolás Días “Margaro” in Santiago de los Caballeros were marked by family solidarity and laments, but also by stories, stories and experiences by companions and childhood friends of the comedian. The body of “Margaro” was exposed for more than four hours in chapel number 2 of the INAVI funeral home, … Read more

Olena Zelenska for CNN: our country does not see the end of its suffering

Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, in an interview with US CNN on Tuesday, admitted that the methods used by the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine regularly amaze her. – We do not see the end of our suffering, so we must gather strength, save energy – she added. – In the first months … Read more

Dragged by the ‘fall’ of Bitcoin, this country is in danger of going bankrupt

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – El Salvador’s decision to stake its country’s economy on bitcoin is in danger of disastrous. The collapse in the price of these crypto assets has put the country on the verge of bankruptcy. The price of bitcoin is recorded to have fallen more than 70% from its peak in November 2021 … Read more