Ikea will arrive in Envigado with good prices, with what products does it open in the country?

The giant Ikeafounded in Sweden and with more than 420 stores in more than 50 markets around the world, will open its first store in Colombia in April next year, which will be located in the Mall Plaza shopping center in the capital. The second store will open in Antioquia in the year 2024 and … Read more

World’s Top 3: Foreign Media Highlights New Criminal Code, Indonesia is a Dangerous Country to Visit

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – News Top 3 World on Tuesday 6 December 2022, it was started by the ratification of the Criminal Code which was in the spotlight of foreign media. In the next sequence, readers are interested in news that mentions Indonesia is included in the 12 Asian countries that are dangerous to visit. As … Read more

The Ukrainian President visits his troops in the east of the country: the road to independence runs through Donetsk and Crimea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, on Tuesday, that “the path to independence for his country passes through the cities of Donetsk, Luhansk and the Crimean peninsula,” as he inspected his forces fighting the Russian army in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky added, in a post on Instagram, that he was visiting … Read more

The new cell phone that is a “tank” has arrived in the country: it costs only $110,000 and it is a luxury edition

Motorola has already released its new Moto Edge 30 Neo cell phone for sale in Argentina, an exclusive edition that many point to as an ideal option between price and quality. There are more and more cell phones and models that go on the market continuously in Argentina and in recent days a new option … Read more

This is the reason Kiribati is the country where the sun first rises

loading… Kiribati, a small country surrounded by the blue sea consisting of 33 islands in the Pacific Ocean, is designated as the place where the sun rises for the first time. Photo/Jluggage TIRAWA – Kiribati a small country surrounded by blue seas consisting of 33 islands in the Pacific Ocean, is designated as the venue … Read more

The people of the country of samba.. a story of mad love for football

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Favelas neighborhoods, which house more than six percent of Brazilians On the outskirts of the country’s two largest cities. A simple, limited income for most of the residents of these neighborhoods. As for dreams, they have no limits, and the path to achieving them is multi-track. Alan Mariano, soccer player, … Read more

Ukrainian officials extend a helping hand to the occupiers who want to survive: “We cannot judge the whole country”

By calling a hotline or entering data through various communication apps, Russian soldiers can agree on the best way to surrender to Ukrainian forces. They apparently increased after Russian President Vladimir Putin mobilized hundreds of thousands of Russian men and the city of Kherson was liberated. In the evenings, the Ukrainian communication center has the … Read more

This Country is on the Edge of Bankruptcy, There’s China’s Share

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Djibouti’s foreign debt has tripled this year, from US$ 54 million (Rp 833 billion) in 2021 to US$ 184 million (Rp 2.83 trillion). In fact, according to the World Bank, this increase is expected to reach US$ 266 million next year. With this increase, Djibouti suspended debt payments to its two … Read more

The Syrian government launches a cholera vaccination campaign for more than 350,000 people in the north of the country

FILED – 05 November 2022, Syria, Darkoush: A Syrian Child receive treatment at cholera ward of Al-Rahma Hospital in the city of Darkoush. According to the latest statistics of EWARN, a total of 6555 suspected , 247 positive cases and 6 deaths in northwest – Anas Alkharboutli/dpa MADRID, 4 Dic. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Syrian … Read more

UK becoming the ‘sick of Europe’: how Brexit, coronavirus and war pushed the country into the past | Business

Britain is lagging behind other rich countries and its population is falling into poverty at a record rate, the article says. The country has still not recovered from the three blows it suffered in the 21st century. at the beginning: 2008 financial crisis, 2020 Brexit and the COVID pandemic. Inflation exceeds 11 percent. per year, … Read more