The Russians are inventing victories to cover up their fiasco in eastern Ukraine

“It is likely that Russian forces have carried out a failed offensive operation in the Zaporizhia region in the past 72 hours. Russian forces have not made any confirmed territorial gains, despite persistent claims by one Russian official,” the institute’s latest report says. January 22 The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the units of … Read more

On Monday it will snow in places; where is the thickest snow cover right now?

On Monday morning, the weather in Latvia is cloudy, without significant precipitation, according to meteorological information. A snow cover of 1-7 centimeters thick remains in most of Latvia, there is 13 centimeters of snow at the Dagda observation station, but there is no snow in the west of Kurzeme. During the day, the air temperature … Read more

Video: WWE 2K23 promo video released; Official cover and release date of the game

Well, the WWE2K series does not have exactly a high priority, like the same NBA2K, or let’s talk about all sorts of Borderlands, Civilization and more. Therefore, they announce it 2 months in advance, because all the same, wrestling fans and some strays because of Sina will buy it, because they know the target audience. … Read more

The New Face of the Capital of Saudi Arabia, Now Women Without Abayas and Cover Ups

Jakarta – Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, takes on a new face. It is common for women to appear without robes or abayas, as well as removing their veils. Quoted from The National, Saudi Arabia presents a new, more open face compared to the previous few years. Women in the capital city of Riyadh no longer … Read more

The memory of the cover queen A. Jagelavičiūtė was honored: her sharpest phrase was also heard | Names

On Thursday evening, the memory of Stylist Agnė Jagelavičiūtė, who was featured on the cover of Žmone magazine multiple times, was honored in the historic cellars of the start-up Kilo Health. “We would like to pay our respects to one of the most frequent guests on the cover of “Žmone”, a friend of all of … Read more

Rare disease research: ‘If you look at what we do exactly, we cover the entire palette’

The National Narcolepsy Expertise Center is being formed from a collaboration between the LUMC and the Sleep-wake Center SEIN in Heemstede, with a small branch in Zwolle. Gert Jan Lammers, neurologist, professor of Sleep Disorders and medical head of SEIN, works here together with Rolf Fronczek, neurologist and somnologist or sleep expert at the LUMC. … Read more

The thickest snow cover has formed in the western part of Vidzeme; One centimeter of snow has fallen in Bauskas –

On Thursday morning, the most snow in Latvia is in the western part of Vidzeme, where the thickness of the snow cover reaches ten centimeters in some places, according to the data of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology. Content will continue after the ad. As trees bent and broke under the weight … Read more

Take cover from the rain with a plastic sheet.. A picture of workers in Egypt ignites communication sites

A circulating image of a group of workers sitting in the trunk of a semi-truck, sheltering from the rain with a thin plastic cover, sparked a great interaction from the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt. The image, which shows the insistence on halal earning, despite the bad weather conditions in winter, reaped the … Read more

The popular male singer has no cover to force his little sister to “be sour and hot” Huang Mingzhi can’t bear it and chokes the people | Entertainment | CTWANT

Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi scolded a famous male singer in the community yesterday (15) for having raped his female woman without a condom. But it also attracted sour people to attack him for hype. After a brief silence, Huang Mingzhi posted a counterattack today and revealed the reasons for not disclosing the names of the … Read more