Published a new frame of “Indiana Jones 5” and covers for Empire

Magazine Empire published new exclusive frame of the fifth “Johnsa of India» with a hero Harrison Ford. For the actor, this film will be the last, where he plays the role of the famous archaeologist and adventurer. The premiere of the tape is scheduled for June 30, 2023. Its director was James Mangold (“Logan”, “Ford … Read more

“Kilometer Eater”. Honda Civic covers 400,000 kilometers in 13 months

We have already told you several times about high mileage carsbut so far we haven’t seen any like the Honda Civic of which we speak to you today. Belonging to the latest generation of Honda Civic (11th generation), in just one year and one month (13 months) of use, this Civic has covered 248,816 miles, … Read more

Toxic Smog Covers New Delhi India, Schools Will Close All

NEW DELHI, – Primary schools in New Delhi will be closed to protect children from the toxic smog that shrouds the huge city of 20 million people, the Indian capital’s chief minister said Friday. Smoke from farmers burning crop stumps, vehicle exhaust and factory emissions mixes every winter, blanketing New Delhi in a noxious … Read more

A woman presses drain covers onto a t-shirt. It made her famous all over the world

If you’re lucky, you can get her t-shirt in the online store However, they are usually sold out. A T-shirt will cost you around 1.5 thousand crowns, you will pay two thousand more for a sweatshirt. If you want “only” a fabric bag, a little over 600 crowns will be enough. How art is … Read more

Turkish Foreign Ministry: Greece covers up forcible returns of migrants

leave press The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Greece aims to cover up the systematic refoulement of migrants that has led to the deaths of people by trying to channel opinion through photographs of naked migrants whose where and when they were taken. This came in a statement issued by the ministry, in response to … Read more

Deposit insurance covers fewer products than people think

Czechs’ awareness of the protection of their money in banks, building societies and credit unions has grown significantly over the past five years. While in 2017 it knew about the existence statutory deposit insurance 60 percent of people, now it’s 77 percent. This was shown by a survey by the Response:now agency from this September … Read more

Anna-Maria Sieklucka tempts in a sensual body. It barely covers the sensitive points

Anna-Maria Sieklucka appeared in three parts of the production of “365 days”. So you can say that nudity is no stranger to her. The actress often poses as God made her – to the delight of her fans, of course. Sieklucka has almost five million followerswhich she gained thanks to her role in eroticism. Many … Read more

Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin and the second tattoo the actor covers

Lately on Sylvester Stallone he is not at all comfortable personally. First, he covered one of his tattoos dedicated to his wife Jennifer Flavin. Immediately after that, rumors started that something was happening in the actor’s family. Sylvester Stallone Family Trouble What are the reasons for this rumor Not long after, news came that Flavin … Read more