From Marilyn Monroe to Britney Spears: 10 Iconic “Playboy” Covers

From Marilyn Monroe in Playboy’s First Playboy to Naked Britney Spears: 10 Iconic Magazine Covers (Photos: Playboy Magazine / Web Archive) The first issue of the magazine Playboy It was assembled in the kitchen of an apartment in the city of Chicago, United States. Hugh Hefner, who later became the mogul of the brand, had … Read more

Several Covers of Infiltration Wells in Lebak Bulus Reportedly have collapsed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Closed infiltration wells which is located on Jalan Karang Tengah Raya, Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, South Jakarta, reportedly collapsed. “It collapsed. I saw it on TV too. I haven’t checked it yet. But indeed the location has been checked by the Deputy Governor, indeed the location is due to work, it must … Read more

The largest ever.. Simulation of the giant universe “covers billions of light years”

Asma Lamnawar wrote on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 07:23 PM – The biggest puzzle facing astronomers and the universe is the roles that gravity and cosmic expansion play in the evolution of the universe. To solve these mysteries, astronomers and cosmologists are taking a two-pronged approach, which consists of observing the universe directly and observing … Read more

Marta is not Nael’s mother, Joachim covers her- Episode 248 summary and spoilers

“Here everything begins” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 248 of Wednesday, October 13, 2021 – In the daily series of TF1, Marta confesses the truth to her brother while Rose makes a momentous discovery … Claire, for her part, decides to leave for Japan. Capture TF1 The detailed summary of episode 247 … Read more

Cannabis, government approves the extension that saves the referendum: Lega abstains. The rule also covers signatures against the green pass

The cabinet gave the green light to the law decree that extension from a month the deadlines for i referendum, l’single check and IRAP. The law saves the collection of signatures for consultation on the cannabis, which was in danger of jumping because of the bureaucratic delays of the Municipalities on certifications of the names. … Read more

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Edition Leaked? These would be their covers

On the eve of the event Capcom of the Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 30, a new edition of Resident Evil 3. Considered by many one of the most “niche” games in the series, something hidden between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 3 Remake arrived in 2020, … Read more

Santri Covers Ears When Listening to Music, Ustaz Adi Hidayat Calls Tolerance

Illustration of Ustaz Adi Hidayat. Ustaz Adi Hidayat responded to the students who closed their ears while listening to music. [Youtube] According to Ustaz Adi Hidayat, the attitude of the students to cover their ears when they heard music at the vaccination event was a form of tolerance. – Master Adi Hidayat gave feedback … Read more

The tattoo of Nawal Al Zoghbi’s daughter covers her arm and raises a lot of controversy

The daughter of the Lebanese artist, Nawal Al Zoghbi, sparked a great controversy on social media, after a picture of her was circulated from her latest publications on her private page. Followers noticed that she had a large tattoo covering her arm in green, and the commentators were divided between those who liked and praised … Read more

SGK, Bağ-Kur, public employee… It covers it all, retirement opportunity

Disabled persons who cannot retire due to disability can also qualify for retirement. Those who cannot meet the conditions for disability retirement can retire by making a disability determination. What should I do to take advantage of the tax reduction? You should apply to the tax office or the tax office with your report stating … Read more