India: The driver wanted to avoid the cow. 12 people were killed

Some of the injured are in critical condition, so the number of accident victims may increase even more – said a local officer the police. The most seriously injured were taken to hospital in Lakhnau, the capital of Uttar Pradeś state, located about 40 km from the crash site. The accident happened when the driver … Read more

Motorist drives into Tyrolean cow parade: six injured

In Austria, six people have been injured when a motorist accidentally crashed into a Almabtrieb, the annual retreat of cows from the mountain pastures. Among the injured are the 79-year-old driver, his 82-year-old wife, some shepherds and a bystander. Things went wrong when the motorist lost control of the wheel in the town of Hippach … Read more

Thelma Fardin was downloaded after an alleged scandal with Julieta Ortega for her romance with Camilo Vaca Narvaja

After confirming your courtship with Camilo Vaca Narvaja (33), and ensure that they are “happy” and “in love”, Thelma Fardin (28) came out with tip caps to deny some kind of confrontation with Juliet Ortega (48), former partner of the sociologist. In detail, the young actress and member of the collective Argentine actresses He used … Read more

Mad cow disease discovered in animal in United Kingdom

The UK health authorities have reported a case of mad cow disease (BSE) in the UK. The animal was taken from a farm in Somerset in southwestern England and killed. The British agency APHA reports that there is no risk to public health. Mad Cow Disease Precautions A number of precautions have been taken in … Read more

Scientists have taught cows to go to the toilet to save the planet

If you can teach a child a potty, you can do it with a cow. This is exactly what scientists in Germany have decided to try, looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact of livestock waste on the environment. He believes that one day all the cows will go to the toilet. “It is … Read more

The woman asked for it herself! They will give the medicine used in horses to her husband who has Corona

A woman in the USA asked her husband, who had corona, to be given parasitic medicine used in horses. The woman, whose request was not accepted, applied to the court and made a decision to use the drug. While this decision of the judge is being discussed, it is expected that the drug will be … Read more

Jessica is lining up at the drive-in of a fast food restaurant when she sees … a cow in the back of a car (video)

The scene took place at the drive-through of a fast food restaurant in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Jessica Niels was lining up to order her meal when she saw a cow sitting in the back seat of a car. Not believing her eyes, she grabbed her smartphone to film the scene and zoom in on the animal. … Read more