Find out how to know which financial institution is best for me | loans | asbanc | nnda-nnlt | ECONOMY

Updated on 11/27/2021 07:22 pm That Bank is it better for me when requesting a mortgage or vehicle loan? If you are thinking of acquiring some financial productIt is important that you compare what each entity offers so that later you do not get surprises or have problems with your finances. MORE INFORMATION: Find out … Read more

What are the elements of a credit card | Cyber ​​Wow nnda nnlt | YOUR MONEY

The credit card It is a means of payment that works like a loan that a bank gives to a person so that they can make purchases online, even sometimes being able to withdraw money and pay their bills up to a certain amount. Therefore, if someone manages one, they will receive a monthly statement … Read more

Credit card is 62% option to pay bills – Economy

The demand for credit increased during the covid-19 pandemic and credit card was the most used modality in the period. A survey released by Serasa last week showed that 79% of the population used some source of credit in the period. And the card was the option found by 62% of the population. Then appear: … Read more

How to solve the five most frequent problems when operating with banks and credit cards

This Saturday, central bank (BCRA) published a guide with information about the most frequent problems of users when interacting with banks Y Credit cards, among others. “With the aim of prioritizing protection of rights of people and put in common the situations that occur in relation to financial services and products “, said the entity. … Read more

Luckily, anyone who wants a new credit card will need it

The worldwide shortage of chips is also slowly catching up with smart payment card manufacturers. Market participants say the situation won’t get any better next year either, so they need to be let go to the top of the line if we want to avoid a major upheaval. The global chip deficit, which has been … Read more

Credit cards prevent us from being ourselves, say non-binary people. The name should be optional

Card issuers have decided to declare their support for gender diversity. This year, Mastercard will introduce its True NameTM payment card in Europe, which will allow holders to “use their gender identity”. It supports the so-called trans and non-binary communities. Visa again issued a rainbow card in cooperation with Revolut this year. The extradition fee … Read more