A record number of Britons pull out their credit card | Finansavisen

Some analysts believe that higher prices are causing Britons to take out their credit cards more often. And their assumptions seem to agree with statistics that have just been made public. In June, loan growth using credit cards increased by 12.5 per cent compared to the same month a year ago. This is shown by … Read more

Conditions .. The National Bank announces a prize of 100,000 pounds for “Visa purchases” holders (details)

Al-Ahly Bank monitored its card holders credit card Or Visa Purchases, an award ranging between 60 and 100 thousand pounds for 10 winners of the 60 thousand pounds category, others for the 80 thousand pounds category, and 10 other winners for the 100,000 pounds category, bringing the total number of prizes to 30 prizes according … Read more

how to lower the interest on your debts

The uncertainty created by inflation in Colombia and the world has consumers making accounts when paying for products and services. The firm Nielsen published the results of a series of investigations in which it shows how how the preferences in prices, volume and size have varied by Colombians when it comes to market. (See also: … Read more

“Do you know who earns it? – Libero Quotidiano

The revolt against the state and against the banks. L’obligation of Pos for traders and freelancers, forced to accept since yesterday electronic payments with credit cards, even for small amounts, unleashes Giorgia Meloni and many trade associations. “Simply shameful“, accuses the leader of Brothers of Italy: “We have become the nation of obligations and coercions. … Read more

An ATM will be created, two banks will connect their networks

From June 1, Komerční banka’s clients will save up to CZK 39 for card withdrawals when withdrawing cash from an ATM of a competing Moneta Money Bank (MMB). She also finds out her account balance for free at her ATMs. KB and MMB have agreed to merge their ATM networks. The common shared network will … Read more