Most Popular Business: OJK Extends Credit Restructuring until 2024, West Java UMP Increases 7.88 Percent

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular economic and business news throughout Monday, November 28 2022, starting with the OJK officially extending credit restructuring until 2024 and Ridwan Kamil setting the West Java Provincial Minimum Wage for 2023 at IDR 1.98 million. Next, there was news about the hopes of Bukalapak’s boss for Song Joong Ki … Read more

The blues of Crédit du Nord customers on the evening of their bank

“We risk losing the quality of our relationship” worries one, “big nonsense” grumbles another: the transfer of Crédit du Nord customers under the red and black banner of Société Générale on January 1 next grinds his teeth. Announced in December 2020, the merger of the retail banking network of Societe Generale and its subsidiary has … Read more

In August, 483,000 credit cards were cancelled, 94% more than a year ago

The last report of figures from the system of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC) showed that, as of August of this year, there were 16.04 million credit cards in force in the country, which meant an increase of 7, 9% compared to those in the same month last year. But just as the amount … Read more

90% facade bonus, what are the risks for the condominiums if there was a credit transfer in 2021 and the works are not completed?

The assignment of credit is an alternative option to the direct use of the deduction by the taxpayer who is entitled to the tax relief. An indispensable condition for accruing the right to deduction is to complete the work for which this is recognized. Therefore, if the works are not carried out, the deduction is … Read more

Treasury denies credit application – El Financiero

The Ministry of Finance clarified this Tuesday that it did not request any financing to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the social programs of the Government of Mexico. The agency said it was surprised by the publication of a document that “never existed”. “The federal government has financed social programs using resources from the … Read more

Credit card loans and debts – Warns of a double Black Friday blow

Follow on Facebook and Instagramand receive newsletters by register here. – Instead of admitting that the finances are not enough, many choose to buy on credit, says Geir Grindland, general manager of the debt collection company Inkassopartner AS, to Grindland fears that many will take Black Friday on credit – and that they … Read more

Withdrawal of cash from an ATM by credit card. Fee and interest, interest-free period

ČSOB will offer clients that they can borrow cash from an ATM free of charge and without interest using a credit card. The only condition for such a loan to remain completely free is timely repayment before the end of the interest-free period – just like when using a classic credit card. ČSOB is preparing … Read more

Superbonus: now only two banks allow the transfer of credit: here are which ones

The Superbonus situation is still blocked: the position of the banks regarding the assignment of credit remains the same. This means that if the alternatives regarding the possibility of requesting the assignment of credits to benefit from the Superbonus are not reviewed, the subjects who have requested access to the Superbonus will not actually be … Read more

Rate rise can become challenging for those with a lot of credit :: Dienas Bizness

The increase in interest rates for loans will most likely not have an immediate negative impact, but it is possible that bank clients will be more cautious in taking out new loans, representatives of “OP Corporate Bank” admitted in an interview. The manager of the Latvian branch of “OP Corporate Bank”, Elmārs Prikšāns, emphasized that … Read more