Car Dashboard Camera Function, Can Become Crime Evidence

You need to know the function of the car dashboard camera. Car dashboard cameras or dashcams have a variety of important functions. Dashcam is one of the accessories available on dashboard mobil. The dashboard camera has an important function for motorists. Therefore, a dashcam is very important in a vehicle. Read Also: Car Dashboard Parts, … Read more

Index – Belföld – The police were greeted by the sight of a freshly severed head while they were being checked in Kölesden

The Szekszárd police stopped a car in Kölesden for a road check on Sunday afternoon. The driver of the vehicle was a 23-year-old local man. While checking the car a trophy head was found in the trunk, which was later revealed to have been cut from a deer carcass found in the Varsád area by … Read more

Women in minority, but assuming “significant presence” in organized crime | Organized crime

Although organized crime is a male universe, female participation is on the rise. Often, women come to crime through an affective relationship with a man. These are two central ideas of the doctoral thesis in criminology by Ana Guerreiro, assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and at the University … Read more

The Politician: Is the story of Infinity inspired by the True Crime case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

Netflix’s The Politician owes much of its success to Ben Platt, who plays the lead role of Payton Hobart, a neurotic and obscenely rich teenager whose only goal is to be president of the United States. But a side story that’s just as compelling? That of Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutch), who plays Payton’s colleague in … Read more

Jordan.. Two brothers were shot dead in a mysterious crime

A few hours after announcing the disappearance of the two Jordanian youths, Omar and Ayman Al-Mazaida, in the mountains of the Dana area in the Tafila Governorate, in southern Jordan, the Jordanian security authorities announced that their bodies had been found shot dead. Omar, in his thirties, and his younger brother, Ayman, in his twenties, … Read more

Man killed his wife in Ernakulam kaladi accused in police custody Murder: Husband strangles wife; The accused is in police custody

Kochi: Husband killed his wife in Ernakulam Kaladi. Ratnavathi (35) was killed. Ratnavati was killed by strangulation. Her husband Mukesh Kumar was taken into police custody in the incident. According to the police, the suspect gave a statement that suspicion was the reason for the murder. Last night, Mukesh filed a complaint with the police … Read more

Michel Claise and financial crime: “I wonder if there is not among some politicians the fear that the fight will weaken their voters.”

Regarding drug trafficking, Jean-Marc Gheraille, editor-in-chief of the DH, notably asked him what he thought of the idea of ​​seconding soldiers to Antwerp: “An army presence was justified in a context of terrorism, we could attack people”replied the judge. “But not in the context of the fight against drug trafficking. We need police officers, magistrates, … Read more

The story of Ma Barker, the Mother in the Maelstrom of Her Children’s Crime

New York Post Ma Barker, who is told to be the mastermind behind her children’s crimes, is actually just a mother who protects and defends her children.—Born Arizona Clark on October 8, 1873 in Ash Grove, Missouri, Ma Barker was the daughter of a Scottish-Irish couple, John and Emaline Clark. According to legend, as … Read more

Pope Francis said that homosexuality is a sin but “it is not a crime”

(CNN Spanish) — Pope Francis spoke again about homosexuality, a thorny issue for the Catholic Church. This time, although he made it clear that “it is not a crime”, he reaffirmed that it is a “sin” in the religious conception. “Being homosexual is not a crime. It is not a crime,” said Francisco during an … Read more