Index – Domestic – The rupture in Sopron deteriorated until late

A woman in Sopron closed her relationship dispute with a bone-knife knife, the police. On Saturday at 5:30 a.m., police received a report that a woman had abused her ex-partner following a family quarrel in Sopron. The belated man on the spot said that his partner and his partner often quarreled, in which case he … Read more

After the statements of Tamim Younis’ ex-wife, Somaya al-Khashab: “Matrimonial rape is a crime”

For suggestions of places to go out Actress Sumaya al-Khashab spoke about her strong rejection of the issue of marital rape, coinciding with the statements of the director Tamim Younes’ ex-wife, who accused him of rape during their marriage. The artist said on Twitter: “The rape of a wife is like the rape of a … Read more

The terror at Ariana Grande’s concert was preventable. It is said that the security guard failed

It was one of the worst terrorist attacks in recent years. The pop concert was attended mainly by children and teenagers. A few minutes after the end of the performance, there was an explosion in the arena, then panic ensued. According to investigators, however, the consequences may not have been so dire, and perhaps the … Read more

Video of a man attacking a vehicle carrying his anger with a rolling pin

The Veszprém District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a man for a crime against traffic safety who attacked the car carrying his anger with a rolling pin after having previously had a fight on the open street. The two men are also accused of harassment. The younger, 29-year-old man and his companions arrived in downtown Tapolca, … Read more

Before Nike terminated its contract with Neymar last year, it was investigating an employee’s allegations of Neymar’s sexual assault-The Wall Street Journal

According to information disclosed by people familiar with the situation and documents seen by The Wall Street Journal, Nike Inc. (NKE) began investigating an allegation of sexual assault by a Brazilian athlete Neymar by an employee of the company. Later, he parted ways with the football superstar last year. Neymar is one of the most … Read more

Organized crime casts its vote with kidnapping, threats and murders

With murders, lifts, kidnappings Y threats a candidatesEspecially at the municipal level, organized crime, which “had never had such a margin of operation,” has influenced the ongoing electoral process to impose candidates or put aside those who do not serve its interests, warned security experts and electoral issues. The above, they agreed, is already the … Read more

Man spent 37 years in prison for a crime he did not commit

Robert DuBoise, who spent 37 years in jail, will be released after finding DNA samples lost since 1983, when he was accused of killing and raping a young woman in Florida, United States. Hillsborough State Attorney, Andrew Warren, apologized to Duboise, 55, “on behalf of the entire judicial system”, after the sample that was believed … Read more

It is directed against a Russian citizen who may have tried to legalize 400,000 euros obtained in crime – in Latvia

The State Revenue Service (SRS) is initiating criminal proceedings against a Russian citizen for possible money laundering in the amount of more than 400,000 euros, the SRS informed. Based on information obtained through a risk analysis, a Russian citizen born in 1982 who was about to fly to Great Britain was detained at Riga Airport … Read more

Second wave of the pandemic increases fear in the world

Closing of beaches and nightclubs, mandatory masks, prohibition of mass gatherings: Restrictions tighten in several countries as fears grow of a second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19 and cases increase in Europe and Asia to levels of the first outbreak. The figures do not stop growing. Since it appeared in China in December, the … Read more

Crime: Crime against migrant smugglers in Spain

Spanish police on Friday dismantled two networks accused of facilitating the crossing into France of several hundred illegal migrants. The smugglers caught migrants who had arrived on board boats and promised to send them from Spain to France for sums of around 200 euros. AFP Two networks of smugglers who transported several hundred illegal migrants … Read more