Empty Vaccine Injections to Students Make Medan Doctors Threatened with Crime

Jakarta – The public is shocked by empty vaccine injection doctor to elementary students in Medan city, North Sumatra. The incident went viral because it was caught on a cellphone camera. In the circulating video, a student is being vaccinated. But the injection held by the vaccinator looked empty.The narration in the video mentions that … Read more

Index – Domestic – Ukrainian smugglers were caught in Fejér County

Ukrainian smuggler arrested in Mór to transport 18 illegal migrants in his car Said the police. Police checked a Polish vehicle and its 21-year-old Ukrainian driver inside Mór. There were 18 adult men traveling in the car who declared themselves to be Afghan citizens. The passengers did not know their identity and the legality of … Read more

Dismantled VPN network used by ‘hackers’ in computer attacks – Tecnologias

A virtual private network (VPN) used by criminals to carry out ‘ransomware’ attacks that put more than 100 companies at risk of cyberattacks has been dismantled, Europol announced today. The European police agency revealed that investigators in Europe and North America on Monday seized or disrupted at least 15 servers hosting users and also the … Read more

Parents accused of killing diabetic daughter by taking her medication so she could be cured by God – World

The parents of an eight-year-old diabetic girl are being accused of their daughter’s murder after they allegedly took her insulin medication with the aim of having the disease healed by God. The body of Elisabeth Rose Sruhs was found on January 11 at the family home – which also functioned as a church – in … Read more

Over 80 shell casings at the crime scene! Renowned rapper killed in Florida

Instagram video capture Minuto30.com .- A violent attack was recorded on the night of Friday, January 14, in the West Kendall area of ​​Miami. The famous rapper Wavy Navy Pooh would have died in the event. A woman and several minors traveling with him were miraculously unharmed. According to the local police report, those responsible … Read more

Usa: poll, majority of Americans frustrated by Biden – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JANUARY 16 – Half of Americans feel “frustrated” and “disappointed” by the Biden administration, whose management of the economy, immigration, crime and inflation does not approve. The president, whose approval is 44%, also loses consensus on the fight against Covid, with 51% who believe you are not doing a good job. … Read more

Crime – Burglars steal $1 million worth of jewelry from American actress Lori Louglin’s house

Burglars attacked the home of American actress Lori Louglin in Los Angeles before getting their hands on a million dollars in jewelry, US media reported on Saturday. “Thieves smashed a bedroom window in the actress’ Los Angeles-area home. They were dressed in black and wore masks, ”indicates the TMZ site, adding that the operation was … Read more

Lamorgese in the city crushed by crime: the program of the day

There is expectation for the visit, in Foggia, of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, who arrives in Capitanata after the series of bomb attacks that shook territory since the beginning of the year. The owner of the Interior Ministry will chair the provincial committee for public order and safety scheduled in the Prefecture, … Read more