Maipú: Criminals stole a truck and threw its owner in motion

A violent vehicle theft occurred this Monday night in the commune of Maipú. In the Glorias Navales street, a group of criminals intercepted a family who was returning to their home after a trip to the south: while the man was unloading belongings from his truck, the thieves got into it and started it with … Read more

For many years, Pixel phones spied on criminals

Using Google’s Pixel phones, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, was able to accomplish a very clever mission that resulted in hundreds of arrests. And the FBI succeeded in establishing a real company that claims to sell highly secure and confidential Android phones. This company has targeted the people and organizations … Read more

They wait for the family to leave the house, the criminals arrived by motorbike enter and raid gold jewelry

SAN SEVERINO – They waited for the owners to leave the house and then went into action and smashed jewelry in oro. In the sights of the criminals he finished a house in the countryside, in Colleluce, in San Severino. The thieves went into action in broad daylight while the family (mother, father and one … Read more

“Tsima Warriors Director’s Cut Edition” new chapter details announced, will explore Iki Island, full of robbers and criminals (163325)-Cool3c

Iki Island, a semi-fabricated version of the Director’s Cut of “War Ghosts of Tsushima”, will be in sharp contrast with Tsushima Island. It is a barbaric and lawless island full of robbers and criminals. It is traumatized by the memory of war. In the past few decades, he has been unable to control the situation … Read more

PDI arrests 10 of the 12 most wanted criminals nationwide

During this week, the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) announced that of the total number of most wanted criminals nationwide, 10 of them have been arrested. This list of men and women is made up of 12 fugitives from justice, who have spent years committing crimes of high social connotation and who have a series of … Read more

criminals are serious when they steal a car and hit a tree

Two criminals were seriously injured after being involved in a traffic accident with a stolen vehicle in the Maipú commune. Both thieves ended up hitting a tree. According to police records, the assailants took advantage of the fact that the victim got out of the vehicle with the engine running while closing a gate, to … Read more

English police detained dozens of suspects: among the most wanted criminals – a Lithuanian

35 people have been detained in half a year, according to a report by Lincolnshire County Police. All of them are suspected of various crimes committed in the region and have been included in the list of wanted persons. One surname in the list is Lithuanian: it is indicated that it is 28 years old … Read more

How to access personal data on an iPhone, according to criminals in Brazil

The information about the security of iOS mobile devices comes as a warning so that users do not trust themselves and take the appropriate precautions. iPhone: how criminals access personal data The data on the vulnerability of these devices came thanks to the references that the authorities in Brazil have collected from criminals who have … Read more