Draghi, the spoiled party in Madrid and the tam tam of crisis from Rome. The symbolic photo of a black day

There is a shot that symbolizes the black day of Mario Draghi. It is the one taken yesterday to the Prime Minister in Madrid during the NATO summit which led to the invitation to join the Atlantic Alliance for Sweden and Finland. The premier is portrayed on the phone in Prado Museumwhere he was supposed … Read more

Sebastian Fabijaski on the crisis with Maffashion. “There was an atmosphere of resentment against me”

More interesting information on the Gazeta.pl home page Sebastian Fabijański i Maffashion in September 2020 they lived to see it child. Influencerka a lot and talks about parenting willingly. The same cannot be said for her partner. Now, however, the actor has opened up about fatherhood. He also told about his relationship problems. Ślotała and … Read more

Retail U.S. stocks add another crisis, this domestic rival is fierce

Retail U.S. stocks add another crisis, this domestic rival is fierce According to UBS Evidence Lab’s Global App Monitor, Chinese fast fashion retailer SHEIN has become the “most downloaded” shopping app in the United States, as well as the “most searched (clothing) retailer in the United States.” Download Yahoo Finance APP Free real-time quotes for … Read more

Economic crisis – Sectors take advantage of inflation to inflate their margins

Economic crisis – Sectors take advantage of inflation to inflate their margins Some areas are doing well despite an economic context complicated by the war in Ukraine. But Switzerland lacks means of control. Published: 26.06.2022, 12:53 The automobile is also an area where prices have greatly increased. It is a combination of factors that is … Read more

When Will the American Recession Happen? This is Elon Musk’s Prediction

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned of the risk of a recession in the economy in the United States (US). He said the economy of Uncle Sam’s country has the possibility of facing a recession again. Tesla, Musk’s own company, will cut employees by 10% to prevent this from affecting the company. … Read more

Lessons from leaving Russia

Photo After the Russian-initiated military invasion of Ukraine, many foreign companies have withdrawn from the Russian market or decided to restrict their activities in the last few months. Many of them had to come to terms not only with the lost market but also with huge losses. However, they seem to have won the sympathy … Read more

Clones of Hamdallah and Joker .. Stars who can solve the offensive crisis of victory

After his French club, Saint-Etienne, was relegated, the Tunisian national team star became a free player, and many clubs are seeking to sign him and benefit from his great experience. Indeed, Al-Nasr made an offer, but it was rejected, according to the French newspaper “L’Equipe”, in light of its desire to continue its presence in … Read more

Italy. Record heat and drought. Crisis in Lombardy. Appeals for saving water

Synoptics in Italy are announcing record heat for the coming days. One of the largest and most severe heat waves is expected to last for over a week. The heat worsens the drought situation. For this reason, in Lombardy, a state of crisis was introduced on Friday and citizens were asked to use water in … Read more