Heung-min Son was in drama, he was crying. And the Ghanaian didn’t mind M¦ at all

It seemed that it would be difficult to repeat such huge emotions and as many goals as in the first Monday clash: Cameroon – Serbia (3: 3). Meanwhile players Ghana and South Korea stood up to the challenge, because after an exciting meeting there were as many as five goals. team with Africa led 2-0 … Read more

Watch.. Egyptian actress Hind Akef cries on air and reveals details of her attempt to expel her from the Cairo Film Festival

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian actress Hind Akef revealed the details of her attempt to expel her at the opening ceremony of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival. And she said in an interview with her on the “Nass al-Kalam” program, that the crisis of not obtaining an invitation was due to the response of the artist … Read more

ART Ferdy Sambo Found His Employer Crying After Shooting Brigadier J, Kodir Expressed His Fear

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Homicides Brigadier J allegedly committed by Freddy Sambo still a puzzle. Known after the occurrence of bloody events that killed Brigadier J, Kodir ART Freddy Sambo get the order to call Redwan Soplanet to the scene of the incident. Diryyanto or Kodir presented at trial Freddy Sambo in murder Brigadier J which was … Read more

“Bodies on the ground, shards of glass, people crying”: a shooter enters a gay club in the United States and kills 5 people

A 22-year-old man “walked into an LGBTQ nightclub”and immediately started shooting“, killing at least five people, before being controlled by “heroic” customers, on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Colorado Springs in the United States. Eighteen people were injured in this shooting which occurred shortly before midnight, police said some of the injured were … Read more

He heard his mother’s heartbeat in a man’s chest, so he fell silent.. A crying baby baffles communication

In a heartbreaking video, the heart of social networking sites, a baby boy appeared crying until a man came and carried him, and he suddenly calmed down. The clip, which spread like wildfire, showed a child crying hard. As hands crossed trying to silence him, the child calmed down after being picked up by a … Read more

France: ‘We will not welcome 3,000 migrants’. Crying: ‘Never thought about breaking brotherhood’

Paris spokesman: “Meloni is the big loser in this situation”. For Italy, Greece, Malta and Cyprus there is disappointment over relocation and alarm for the interventions of NGOs that “violate international law”. Spain is far behind, which does not sign the note of the 4 countries in the front line. Berlin: “NGOs deserve gratitude”. Paris: … Read more

Obsessed and ignored by his brother Nick: “Aaron Carter was crying out for help”

The 34-year-old singer was found dead at his home in Lancaster, California. He was the younger brother of Nick, from the Backstreet Boys (AFP) Aaron Carter had an “obsession” with his older brother, Nick Carterand was “crying out” for his love for years, the deceased musician’s friend told Page Six. Gary Madatyan, a longtime friend … Read more

Index – Culture – We couldn’t watch this new romantic movie without crying

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year 2022 from a cinematic point of view is that Harry Styles, who has been in the entertainment industry until now as a pop star, has started to reinterpret himself and appears in serious dramas one after another. At the time, the 28-year-old Englishman was a The X Factoremerged … Read more

” I’m crying and have one last wish for Suzuki …” exclaimed Alex Rins

Viewed: 5,246 Iwanbanaran.com – Caakkk… Finally Suzuki successfully closed its last race of the season with a victory. Yup, as is known, Alex Rins won the Valencia race and presented one more victory for Suzuki. Doi is both happy and sad because his last weekend raced with the Hamamatsu factory. In fact, Alex had cried … Read more

The boys were crying in the dressing room, the coach describes what happened after the bizarre goal in Slovakia

An incredible goal was scored in a match of the Slovak youth league – and the referee recognized it. The young footballers of Pohronia scored it at the moment when the players of their opponent from Poprad were celebrating their goal and were not on the field at all. They played a key match, and … Read more