Beat Bitcoin, the price of this crypto asset rises 330 percent in days

JAKARTA, – Price cryptocurrency YEarn Finance (YFI) soared 330 percent to IDR 210 million in just a matter of days. Currently, YFI’s price is higher than the price of the most popular crypto assets bitcoin which has reached around IDR 180 million per 1 bitcoin. On the Indodax crypto asset trading platform, YFI was … Read more

Crypto Attila Assets (ATT) are Increasingly Popular in Indonesia – Blockchain Media Indonesia

Traded on Indodax since July 30, 2020, Attila’s crypto assets (ATT) are increasingly popular in Indonesia. Transaction volume reached Rp40 billion. This was conveyed by the Attila team yesterday, Sunday (August 2, 2020), based on data from the last 24 hours. Attila is said to rank first in terms of the level of increase in … Read more

Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Blocknia will provide training on crypto

Since Argentina, the college Nacional del Litoral and Blocknia, will provide a training called “Crypto Mode”. It will be run by Catalina Castro and Iñaki Apezteguía, partners of Blocknia. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke with the latter to learn more details about the initiative. The course will take place on Tuesday, August 11, 18, and 25; … Read more

Here are the 5 crypto and blockchain news of this week

Photo: AdobeStock Here are the 5 crypto news of the week: US banks authorized to hold their clients’ cryptocurrenciesL’OCC, the US body responsible for regulating and supervising national banks has indicated that all national and federal banks could now provide custodial services for crypto-assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is a very important decision that … Read more

US banks will be able to manage Bitcoin (BTC) and offer crypto services – TheCoinTribune

There are historic decisions, even if they seem to go against the trend. To everyone’s surprise, the OCC, the American agency in charge of US banking and monetary policy, has just announced that Federal Banks could now offer custody and management services in Bitcoin and crypto-assets for the benefit of their customers. Pub American banks … Read more

Affiliate partners: Browser Brave sends, for certain pages ID

Brave has partnerships with certain crypto-stops under, the concerns of some users for displeasure. Visiting certain pages, the Browser automatically an ID and get money. The CEO, Brendan Eich, declared on Twitter that it is an Affiliate Partner of and justifies the procedure first. After some user criticism further Statements, in which Eich explains, but … Read more