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Cover page Articles Cultural Scope Who Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – 16:49:00 | 234 | | Categories In this article: Cuba, culture, cinema, ICAIC, international festivals, cooperation Havana, Jan 19.- Continue working to achieve a greater presence of Cuban cinema abroad and position it in important international festivals, is one of the priorities for this … Read more

Chickadees of Las Tunas go to unemployment; They file a lawsuit for wage theft and corruption (VIDEO)

The official Cuban press boasts of the fight that the authorities have waged against the private sector to control prices. For this concept, 600 license withdrawals and about 750 seizures have been adopted so far this year. “The Government tries to punish entrepreneurs who raise prices but does not take into account what is really … Read more

Dance and Music Schools in Guantánamo join the battle for life (+ Photos)

Guantánamo, Jan 19 (ACN) Faced with the worrying rise in infections by Covid-19 in Guantánamo, this province expanded its hospitalization capacity with 16 facilities adapted as Isolation Centers, among them the Music and Dance schools which, after the course, They made their student residences available for the current battle for life, with spaces for 90 … Read more

A popular music chair is created in Cuba at the National School of Music ›Culture› Granma

Enrique Lazaga conducting the ENA Youth Charanga. Photo: Jose M. Correa Starting in 2021, the National School of Music will have a popular music chair directed by the saxophonist Janio Abreu Morcate, who will have a team made up of percussionists Enrique Plá, José Julián Morejón and Enrique Lazaga; the pianists Emilio Morales and Alejandro … Read more

About to leave, Trump attacks Cuba and Chinese firms

The Treasury Department of U.S This Friday included in a list of sanctions the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba and its head, Brigadier General Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas. The measure – which contemplates, for example, the blocking of bank accounts if it has them and to carry out commercial operations with Americans, among others … Read more

Cuba has its sights set on a future without Trump

HAVANA – When the Donald Trump administration announced this week that it had designated Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, the reaction in Havana was immediate and energetic. The Cuban government accused Washington of hypocrisy and called the designation an act of “political opportunism” by President Trump to obstruct relations between Cuba and the … Read more

COVID is complicated in Cuba; regresses new normal

Cuba reached 15,000 cases of the new coronavirus, it was reported this Monday in the midst of an outbreak that triggered infections in January and forced this weekend to begin closures and limitations in several provinces, including the capital. The situation of the proliferation of contagion is directly related to the opening of airports and … Read more

Teatro La Caridad reopens its doors in Trinidad

Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Jan 10 (ACN) After a deep restoration process that restored the attractions of yesteryear, the La Caridad Theater, in this city, reopened its doors this Saturday, as part of the celebrations for the 507th anniversary of the town, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Thanks to an investment of more than one million … Read more