Companies from Mexico are authorized to sell meat in Cuba

At the moment, the fate of the meat that Mexican companies will be able to sell to Cuba has not been reported. The food situation in Cuba today constitutes a national emergency. Millions of families suffer from food shortages and the island government is well aware of this, trying to find solutions despite its poor … Read more

Cuban poet Fina García Marruz dies aged 99 in Havana

The famous Cuban poet Fina García Marruz, last survivor of the group of intellectuals “Origenes” and winner of the 2011 Ibero-American Poetry Prize of Queen Sophia, died Monday at the age of 99 in Havana, announced the Cuban authorities. “Our dear Fina García Marruz, one of the greatest voices in Latin American poetry, has passed … Read more

Online purchase of motorcycles to send to Cuba (+ USD prices)

At the request of several readers, Cuban Directory puts at your disposal the following article on the online purchase of motorcycles to send to Cuba. We will detail the options currently available for motorcycles, scooters and tricycles on the website shopping bazaaras well as their prices in US dollars. We remind you that purchases made … Read more

Gouda cheese price rises in MLC stores in Cuba

Cuban Internet users denounced that the government increased the price of gouda cheese in freely convertible currency (MLC), in a surprising way and without announcing it to the population. “The (store in) MLC doubled the price of the Gouda cheese from one day to the next, out of nowhere,” Julio Herrera, a user who identifies … Read more

This is the new Cubamax offer to fly to Cuba from the United States

The travel and shipping agency to Cuba, Cubamax, offers its clients a wide variety of options to make their lives easier. Now, it proposes special prices for the current month of June through its Miami-Havana flights. These operate daily with total safety and reliability. The good news related to Cubamax and its trips to the … Read more

Carlos Lechuga, the Cuban director who prefers to sell pizzas to make a film about Raúl Castro

Cuban screenwriter and director Charles Lettuce he bought sunflowers and put on a shirt to talk about his new life in Barcelona, ​​where he is “starting a family and a relationship”. “I’m looking to the future.What movie can be made today in Cuba? It is a country that is finished. Arriving here is an incentive … Read more

Company that sends remittances to Cuba suspends services “for banking reasons”

On our page we have informed our readers about one of the best options for sending remittances to Cuba: Sendvalu. According to a note from the company itself, with Sendvalu money could be sent to Cuba from almost all countries. For example, those mentioned include the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. This … Read more