With his oud, Naseer Shamma wants to write the “new memory” of Iraq

“Here, I feel deep emotions with the public”: the Iraqi Naseer Shamma, world star of the oud, the Arabic lute, plays in Baghdad this week and he rekindles the flame of Iraqi music, flickering during forty years of conflicts. At nearly 60 years old, the man who studied with Mounir Bachir, the high priest of … Read more

Defenders of migrants stand up against the confinement of foreigners in France

Detention centers that take on the appearance of prisons, poorly supervised deprivations of liberty: defenders of migrants denounce the French “obsession” with the confinement of foreigners, victims according to them of a “hardening” which frees itself from the right. In four years, France has doubled its reception capacity in administrative detention centers (CRA), where illegal … Read more

Bancolombia’s stock felt the effect of the takeover bids and yesterday it appreciated 9.76% on the BVC

After a new Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) was announced by Nutresa, this Tuesday, January 18, Bancolombia’s common stock soared 9.76%, closing at $42,050 on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC). This advance in the kind of Bancolombia is related to the latest movements of the Gilinski Group over the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA), especially with the … Read more

The Greek Matisse flew away like his emblematic birds

Alekos Fassianos, presented as the Greek Picasso or the Matisse of modern times, for his works which “breathe Greece”, flew away like the emblematic birds which adorn many of his paintings. He was to be buried on Tuesday in the Athens district of Papagou where he lived. Died Sunday in Athens at the age of … Read more

The dates and times of the Portuguese Cup semi-finals are now known

A Portuguese Football Federation made public this Tuesday the dates and times of the first leg matches of the Portuguese Cup semi-finals. Sporting, FC Porto, Tondela and Mafra are in competition for a place in the final. On March 2nd, the lions will welcome the dragons in yet another Classic in this ‘proof-queen’ edition. The … Read more

Large asteroid 1km wide passes 1.92 million km from Earth

NASA “Asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) passes through space”“5.15 times the Earth-Moon distance… There is no chance of an asteroid impact.”Italian physicist has captured, photographed, and released images of asteroids“This asteroid is the closest asteroid to Earth for the next 200 years” Asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) passed through space at a distance of 1.92 million km … Read more

“Escapes even better from the immune system” – Wel.nl

Something strange has been going on in Belgium lately: the omikron variant only accounted for 85 percent of the infections. That should have been much more by now. At first it was thought that the delta variant continued to circulate, but it turns out to be a variant of omikron. “In fact, three sublines of … Read more

The board of the World Latvian Amateur Theater Union will consist of 7 members – Stage – Culture +

Sandra Bondarevska, representing the Latvian Theater in Ireland “Sliedes”, Agnese Jēgere, representing the Stockholm Latvian Amateur Theater “Sala”, Čaklais, representing the London branch of the Birmingham Small Theater, Liāra Ozola, representing the Bergen Latvian Amateur Theater, LAT, were elected to the Board. Anna Kosareva, representing the Latvian Theater in Italy “Momento”, Ilona Brūveris, representing the … Read more

Spread Chinese music culture to the world audience

The National Centre for the Performing Arts of China and American Radio Co-produce Spreading Chinese Music Culture to the World Audience (Huanyin Huanyang) Our reporter Zheng Na “People’s Daily Overseas Edition” (Page 07 on January 17, 2022) “Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s “Voice of the National Centre for the Performing Arts”…” On January 6, … Read more

The Ministry of Health launches a project to operate the SABIC Specialized Hospital for Mental Health

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization, announced the start of the stage of expressing desires for the medical and non-medical operation and maintenance project of the SABIC Specialized Mental Health Hospital, which is located in the Narjis district, north of Riyadh, in the second health cluster in Riyadh. The … Read more