Dovydas Laukis’ relationship with his dance partner revealed a riddle: “She is my Buenos Aires”

Already this Sunday, TV3 and Go3 viewers will see the fateful third episode of the “Tangomans” project, where it will become clear who will be the first to say “goodbye” to Argentina. The audience will also see a fierce tango fight, which made the participants sweat profusely. The third performance of tango couples will take … Read more

Against dangerously high cholesterol, avoid these foods as much as possible

A word cholesterol already part of your life? Having high cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. But, as with almost all stories, there is a flip side. In fact, it is a fat produced by our body and circulating in the blood. However, when it is in excess it is a risk factor for … Read more

Demarche of Austrian ultra-right politicians: left the hall during Zelensky’s speech

Members of Austria’s far-right party left the parliament hall as a remote speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky began. According to them, “Austria’s neutrality was violated” in this way. In his speech, V. Zelensky thanked Austria for the humanitarian aid, but he also noted that it is important not to be “morally neutral towards evil”. … Read more

Writer Houellebecq fails to ban film showing him having sex with young women | Culture

The court in Amsterdam rejected the complaint of Mr. Houellebecq and his wife Qianyun Lysis, which sought to prevent the film “KIRAC 27” from being shown. Earlier, the Dutch art collective that created this film had posted an excerpt from the film on the Internet, but it was later removed. The clip showed the 67-year-old … Read more

In March, the mood of entrepreneurs improved in all areas of business

The indicators of business confidence in March 2023 in retail trade and the service sector are positive, but in the manufacturing industry and construction, the mood of entrepreneurs, although it continued to improve, is still negative, according to the data of the conjuncture surveys conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSB). In March, the confidence … Read more

After playing the game of the season, R. Westbrook led the Clippers to victory

Los Angeles Clippers (41/36) team won the NBA. Tyronn Lue’s men are on the road 141:132 (29:30, 41:34, 35:41, 36:27) broke the club of Memphis Grizzlies (48/28). Russell Westbrook had his best game of the season tonight for the winners. He scored 36 points in 35 minutes (8/13 doubles, 5/5 triples, 5/9 penalties), 4 rebounds, … Read more

The Pope calls for prayers for the spread of a culture of peace in the world

War is madness, says Pope Francis, commenting on the prayer intention dedicated to building a culture of peace. Silvija Krivteža – Vatican In a video published by the Worldwide Prayer Network, the Bishop of Rome points out that living, speaking and acting without violence does not mean giving up, losing or giving up on something. … Read more

Imam’s glasses | The Middle East

On the screen of Ramadan, viewers are watching a TV series that narrates the life of Imam Al-Shafi’i, who we know as one of the four imams of jurisprudence in the history of Islam. In terms of chronological order, he was the third imam, because Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal came after him, and because Imam … Read more

Stage 2 Information Session

The Canadian Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) and the Biological Sciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BIRSB) recently launched Stage 2 of their fundraising competition. This competition is part of the Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy and provides an envelope of $575M to fund proposals aimed at preparing for future pandemics. These proposals must have the following … Read more

Marrakech hosts the 6th edition next May

The International 7 Cup in Marrakech is the unmissable corporate football event in the world. Since its birth in 2018, the International 7 Cup has welcomed several teams and a large number of players from all over the world who have been able to experience the professional experience for a weekend. In Marrakech, the guests … Read more