Sofia Avendaño: the transformation of the Mister Latin America – People – Culture

Sofía Avendaño, the transgender woman who before entering the world of modeling was called Juan Esteban, He spoke about his transformation and the story of how he came to win the crown of Mr. Colombia 2015 and Mr. Latin America in the same year. On December 5, In an interview for the well-known television program … Read more

Podiatrist explains how to prevent (and treat) foot chilblains

AChilblains consist of a small injury to the skin caused by the cold. In the case of the most sensitive people, blood vessels can constrict due to the cold and prevent blood circulation to the extremities, causing the skin in these areas not to warm up. This pathology can have a great impact on the … Read more

Four months after his attack, Salman Rushdie publishes an extract from his next novel

Published on : 06/12/2022 – 03:34 Four months after the attack he suffered in the United States, the British writer Salman Rushdie, who lost the sight of one eye and the use of one hand, unveiled an extract from his next novel on Monday , “Victory City”, to be released in February. Four months after … Read more

“Is the ‘yellow card’ for shirtless Hwang Hee-chan dissipated in the round of 16?” – The Herald Economy

Heechan Hwang [게티이미지닷컴] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]Will the yellow card of Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), who scored a come-from-behind goal in the third round of Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, disappear in the round of 16? Hwang Hee-chan scored a dramatic goal in the 46th minute of the second half against Portugal on the 3rd … Read more

Morocco is asked to integrate the Mauritanian market

– IMRI organized a mission to Mauritania from 18 to 22 November, within the framework of the 18th Europe-North Africa Convention. The opportunity to expose to Mauritanians the offers of education and employment in Morocco. What are the ins and outs of this initiative? – Indeed, the Moroccan Institute of International Relations (IMRI) under the … Read more

Over the past few days, 12 people have been injured in road traffic accidents in the Riga region, one person has died

Since Friday, 154 road traffic accidents have been registered in the Riga region, in which 12 people were injured and one person died. Seven pedestrians are among the victims, according to information from the State Police. On Saturday at 8:16 p.m. in Suntaži, Ogre region, on the Inciems-Sigulda-Ķegums highway (P8) near the boarding elementary school, … Read more

Clouds discovered on Saturn’s largest moon

On the largest moon of the planet Saturn, Titan, a bright cloud was detected in the northern hemisphere and, shortly after, a second cloud was detected in the atmosphere. The James Webb Space Telescope captured the largest cloud over the satellite’s north polar region, near the Kraken Mare, the largest known liquid sea of ​​methane … Read more

Mondial 2022, juicy market of the national flag

We are in Rabat, in a well-established café, located on Avenue Fal Ould Oumeir, in the Agdal district. On this weekend morning, no Moroccan match is scheduled. However, many customers conspicuously display outfits in the colors of the national flag. Decidedly, before, during or after the matches… all the timings are good to show a … Read more

The chosen ones. A necessary truth: Documentary about an unpunished crime rescued from oblivion | arts and culture

On October 22, 1973, Isidoro Carrillo, Danilo González, Vladimir Araneda and Bernabé Cabrera were shot in Concepción. Four Lotinos, communist leaders, assassinated to give a sign… of the criminal nature of the dictatorship that was beginning. Background Lota, ever since Matías Cousiño settled with mining in the mid-19th century, has always been a place of … Read more

meeting with Yambaye Marième Seck, creator of board games

Published on : 04/12/2022 – 11:57 Designers and board game enthusiasts are in the spotlight this weekend in Dakar with the first edition of the Dakar Games Festival. If the sector is trendy, distribution is still difficult on the continent. Meeting with Yambaye Marième Seck, Senegalese game designer. With our correspondent in Dakar, Juliet Dubois … Read more