Fredy Guarín: Daniel, eldest son of the Millonarios player, decided on reggaeton | Soccer curiosities

Daniel Guarín or Danno, as the eldest son of Fredy and Andreina Fiallo is called in networks, joined the voices of protest in the midst of the National Strike. Through music he wanted to reflect his position in the face of the violent days of demonstrations in Colombia that have left several dead, dozens injured … Read more

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of nine Neanderthlc nearby, estimated at 68,000 years | Curiosities

m Archaeologists have discovered the remains of nine Neanderthals near me, the Italian Ministry of Culture said. The oldest dates back to 100,000 years ago, with the remaining eight Neanderthals estimated at 50,000 and 68,000 years. According to the archaeologist, the conditions for their conservation prevailed in the Guattari cave, where the bones were found. … Read more

The photo of the door in front of the house became a famous meme, now the original was sold for 10 million crowns | Curiosities

Washington Name Roth’s probably won’t say much. Her tv but me bt ad lid povdom. From the photo smiling two in front of each house, countless internet memes were created, the image itself was now sold for almost a full dollar (10.7 million CZK). Rothov wants to dedicate you to dobroinn ely. The New York … Read more

Historical curiosities: the speed of the 4G connection that appeared in Lithuania 10 years ago surprised with its cosmic speed

The onset and evolution of the 4G connection can really give you a lot of clues as to what will happen to 5G in the next decade. So if you want to see what will happen in the future, look at the story. When Omnitel (now Telia) 4G connection was launched in the five largest … Read more

Are you going to write and catch, or take a tooth? | Curiosities

BARCELONA Temperatures are slowly rising and the country is preparing for summer full of forest, which has destroyed about 741,000 hectares of forest in the last ten years. Last year, according to the government, an estimated 45,000 hectares arose and two thousand 60,000 hectares a year. In addition, as in California and Australia, the Spanish … Read more

For the ancestors painted in deep caves? Lack of oxygen brought euphoria and associated with the universe, mncici | Curiosities

Tel Aviv Prehistoric rock paintings are extremely impressive, if we see them at all. Some of the most perfect are immersed in the deep depths of caves, which can hardly be reached, and then appreciate their artistic value. Jafit Kedarov and Ran Barkai from Tel Aviv University were looking for the answer to which they … Read more

After the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the macaque was changed. Tolerate two neptiles on their land Curiosities

San Juan Hurricane Mara, who rushed over the Caribbean in 2017 and made 3,000 obt in Puerto Rico, destroyed half the vegetation on the Puerto Rican island of Cayo Santiago. Its inhabitants, they are macaques, responded to the catastrophe by selling social contacts. The rest of these sources were shared by those who were before … Read more

Scientists in Poland poured a 5000 year old to bury Curiosities

VARAVA Ob, a 5,000-year-old complex of long mounds and tomb broken by stones, was discovered in Poland after archaeologists conducted lines in the grain that appeared on satellite photography. The Live Science news server informed about it. Archaeologists began excavating the site near the town of Denbiany, about 50 kilometers northeast of Krakow, more than … Read more

Iga from “Wedding at First Sight” in a moving post: “I’ve had enough” – Curiosities – MAXXX News

Iga from “The Wedding at First Sight” is fed up with hate? The participant of the experiment published a moving entry on her Instagram: “I will not deny and explain the lies that appear everywhere.” “Wedding at first sight 5” The TV show “Wedding at first sight” arouses a lot of emotions among its viewers! … Read more