Are you having trouble retyping Gmail or addresses on your phone? Teach you a trick to enter basic information or play cute kaomoji in seconds! – Electric Otter Girl

After setting the alternative text, you can become a typing champion among friends Today I’m going to share with you a way to make your mobile phone more usable. The “alternative text” trick is applicable to both Android and iOS systems. Just set some words that you often need to enter as alternative text, and … Read more

She just wanted a cute photo on the beach, but she got a nasty surprise with a body part hanging out

Instead of a cute but average photo, a rough but funny one was taken of a young woman on the beach. One Madi Marotta an American woman named wanted a cute bikini photo of herself on the beach. He put on his sunglasses, struck a pose and smiled widely. Then, when he looked at the … Read more

Samsung released a special Pokemon Edition collection for the Galaxy Watch5 Series l Buds2 that comes with a super cute design.

Pokemon I choose you! For anyone who is a Pokemon fan, you must not miss a special collection from Samsung with accessories Galaxy Watch5 Series and Buds2 that make Pokemon patterns in red and white tones according to the Poke Ball edition. Indicates that he is a full-body trainer. Just holding it is cool. If … Read more

So cute! “Kewkoy Kwankawin” gave birth to the first daughter, named “Nong Darya”.

So cute! “Kewkoi Kwankawin” gave birth to the first daughter, named “Nong Darya”. the wait is over and become a full-fledged red-labeled mother For the actress “Keawkoi Kwankawin Kerdlarpphon” who recently gave birth to her first daughter. amidst the joy of the family By “Koy Koi” has posted a family picture with her husband “Yo … Read more

Download these 4 apps for peace of mind. When you are addicted to COVID, you can notify immediately |

Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has been declared a dangerous communicable disease. due to the rate of spread severe patient and decreased mortality Therefore, it is appropriate to adjust the legal measures accordingly. Including the treatment guidelines, the duration has also been modified as well. Today, we would like to recommend 4 applications that will … Read more

Badura sells cute boots. This model has been discounted from 469.99 to 139.99 and is quickly disappearing

Badura is one of the most popular and most liked brands in Poland, which is why sales always attract crowds. Among the discounted models, we choose real gems that, apart from being fashionable and comfortable, are also the most discounted. We even found a model that is 70% cheaper! You can find these boots at … Read more

“Aff Taksaorn” tells the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Phaiwong”, cute and warm as usual.

“Aff Taksaorn” recounts the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Paiwong”, still cute and warm as before, talks about “New Year” Odds, children of this age have new problems to solve every day. Worried about transferring schools There is a way to raise like a friend, a sister, except when she looks like a … Read more

Open world adventure “Lil Gator Game” depicting the adventure of a cute crocodile will be released on December 4th, new trailer « doope!

MegaWobble’s new work “Lil Gator Game” announced in September last year as Playtonic’s publishing work known for the “Yoka-Laylee” series, but Playtonic has officially announced the release date of this work, and it will be released in 2022. It has been revealed that the overseas launch for Steam and Nintendo Switch is scheduled for December … Read more

The airport is broken! “Jackson Wang” is cute, doesn’t change Raise your hands in all directions

The airport is broken! When “Jackson Wang” or “Jack” comes back again As soon as landing in Thailand, there are crowds of ahgase (fan clubs) waiting to welcome them. by “Jackson Wang” Comes in a black long-sleeve look. black trousers Along with unchanging cuteness Raise your hands in all directions Yesterday night (21 Nov.) For … Read more

So cute: Ghent animal shelter organizes winter photo shoot with dogs and cats | InstagramHLN

GentThe Ghent animal shelter regularly puts its animals in the spotlight, but during the end of the year they do so in a very special way. The dogs and cats get a winter outfit for a hilarious photo shoot. It’s the third time they’ve done it, but it’s still hilarious: the Christmas photo shoot of … Read more