Hwang Hee-chan, Confession of Marriage Plan “The bride-to-be is a cute style” (Korean food plate) : Sports Donga

Hwang Hee-chan, the protagonist of JTBC’s ‘Korean Food Plate’ World Cup round of 16, confesses in front of her mother about her ideal type and plans to marry. On April 1st, ‘Korean Food Plate’ depicts Hwang Hee-chan, the main player of the World Cup round of 16, experiencing K-meal with his mother. In addition, Hwang … Read more

Horror game ‘The Coma’ developer returns with a cute new work

Deborah Studio (formerly Devespresso Games) unveiled two new games that it is releasing and developing today (23rd). Unlike previous works that had a scary atmosphere, such as ‘The Coma’, it is characterized by a game with a cute theme. ‘Parker’s Coffee!’, which is also the developer’s first mobile game, is a casual game that includes … Read more

“Stunningly cute” Idol who greeted Samurai Japan became a hot topic TV appearance at airport interview “Are you too beautiful?”: J-CAST News

When the Japanese baseball team, Samurai Japan, who won the world championship in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), returned to Japan on March 23, 2023, the woman who met them at the airport and was interviewed by the media responded on the Internet. are collecting. Samurai Japan won the WBC (Photo: UPI/Aflo) From Jumi Shigaki’s … Read more

“Diablo 4” announces that millions of people are in the Beta public test early experience, let the cute little wolf find a forever home “Diablo IV”

Blizzard wrapped up yesterday’sdiablo 4》After the Beta public test early experience, it was announced that 1 million player characters around the world have reached level 20 and obtained the Beta wolf backpack shape item. 《diablo 4“When the Beta public test schedule was announced, Blizzard announced that as long as players in “diablo 4》During the public … Read more

Happy cute baby experience special class- Homepage slideshow- Zhonggong.com

original title: Hohhot: Happy Cute Baby Experience Class On March 21, the No. 8 Kindergarten in Saihan District, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia launched the “Future Cute Baby” theme class. The children participated in a series of special courses such as “Exploring Robots”, “The World Under the Microscope”, “Future Artists” and “Fun Chefs” Learn scientific knowledge, … Read more

breaking !! Suzuki released Saluto’s brother with the SUI 125 label…. well, this is cute!!

Viewed: 37,485 Iwanbanaran.com – Caakkk… Suzuki has just released its newest scooter with the 2023 version of the SUI 125 label. This motorbike comes with a classic Japanese design style all over its body. With the release of this motorbike, Suzuki has two classic scooters namely Saluto and SUI. However, SUI 125 is sold at … Read more

10 cute and complicit photos of David Laflèche and his daughter Gigi!

This one was captured during their participation in the 24 h Tremblant in 2019. To see him very proud next to his mini, all dressed in pink; it’s too cute! We then find the old lovers fishing! Gisele, alongside his dad, had tickled the fish with his mini pink fishing rod. A real curious little … Read more