Anna Stropnická got married secretly. Was dad at the wedding too?

The daughter of Martin Stropnický (65) secretly got married at the weekend. Actress Anna Stropnická (33) married a colleague from the industry and long-time partner Jan Grundman (41). But whether the father also flew from Israel is a question. On Saturday, August 6, according to the newspaper Blesk z osměvavé actress Anna Stropnicka became a … Read more

Crowdfunding for parents of Francis (16): “We want to give him a nice funeral, with as little stress as possible for his mom and dad” | Francis (16) dies after hit-and-run

TemseA support campaign has been set up for the parents of the deceased Francis Aerts (16). The teen was born on August 1. mowed off the bike path by a driver under the influence of alcohol and drugs. “We would like to give Francis a beautiful funeral and relieve his parents of all the stress … Read more

“Awkward dad moment”. Beckham wants to sing along, but his daughter cuts him off.

Parents can be so embarrassed about their children. Ex-soccer star David Beckham had to experience this at a concert. Apparently, ex-soccer star David Beckham also knows the feeling of not necessarily looking cool with your own children. “Embarrassing dad moment,” wrote the 47-year-old Instagram to a short video in which he wants to sing along … Read more

Stéphane Plaza reveals his “favorite activity” when he is with his 90-year-old dad (photo)

He doesn’t miss a single one! Stéphane Plaza is currently in the Caribbean… with his father! The two men are indeed in the middle of filming a new program called “Les Plaza en vadrouille”, and in which the real estate agent continues to practice his trade in the islands in tandem with his father. And … Read more

“Dancing Dad”: Why did Indian musicals break the circle? – China Capital Network

When it comes to India, musical films always come to mind. As a film category that accounts for more than 90% of the country, Indian musicals not only have a high sales rate in their own country, but are even popular all over the world, becoming the exclusive label of Indian films. The group dance … Read more

Elisa Tenaud and her moving message to Diego Bertie: “One day you hugged me to tears and told me I’m your dad”

Elisa Tenaud used her official Instagram account to dedicate a moving and extensive message to Diego Bertie after his unfortunate departure. As you remember, they worked together in Back to the neighborhood and joined the same family: the Sandovals. The young woman played Elisa and the actor played Luis Felipe, her father. “It was hard … Read more

Slimane, single dad? “My daughter’s story belongs to my daughter”

This Saturday, July 30, Slimane confided in his paternity in an interview with Télé-Loisir. If he is usually very discreet about his love life, he revealed to be especially crazy about his daughter, Esmeralda: “ACurrently, I am completely in love with my daughter. I also dedicate a song to him, Thousands of I love you… … Read more

“We saw a lot of police go by, then there was the announcement of his death. It is especially serious for his father, who lives next door.

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 8:33 p.m. The body of Mireille, reported missing in Dilsen-Stokkem, was found dead this Saturday morning in her home. In the neighborhood, it’s a shock. The police had announced this Saturday morning the sad news. The body of Mireille, 53, who had been missing for two days, was … Read more


This year is a turning point for Tereza as far as her famous parents are concerned. In the spring, 20 years have passed since the suicide of Vlastimil’s father Brodsky (†81) and recently christened a book about her mother Jana Brejchová (82), where they reminisce together over photos. More than four hundred photos from the … Read more