“Dad, I did something stupid… I killed someone” start of the trial of Logan Hannecart before the Hainaut Assize Court

It is around 1 a.m. on August 9, 2020, when Logan Hannecart sends a message to his father: “Dad, I did something stupid… Here’s the stupid thing I did: I killed someone. I’ll call you back later by Messenger…“ He calls him back a quarter of an hour later and films a man, bathed in … Read more

When they were shooting at us in Ukraine, my dad said goodbye to me, she said – eXtra.cz

Journalist Darja Stomatová experienced the horrors of the war in Ukraine directly on the front line. She and cameraman Jan Schürger remained in occupied Kharkiv even when the other crews had left. Now she has published a book about her experiences, which she solemnly christened. “My dad then told me in retrospect that he said … Read more

Dzhigurda’s daughter didn’t look like dad at all (photo)

January 25, 2023 17:45 While he was having fun with Volochkova, the girl grew up. While Nikita Dzhigurda was having fun with Anastasia Volochkova, his daughter had another birthday. The grown-up heiress of the star from Marina Anisina was compared with a deity. From the joint photographs of father and daughter, you can’t say that … Read more

Thank Pongsakorn commented on Sara’s news that there is no step-daughter anywhere using the word Step Dad.

And wrote the caption under the photo: “Tears are rolling down….and I can’t stop them…….. #imsosorry @_dcyh_” which means “Tears flow down like a stream. And I really can’t stop it. I’m so sorry,” and tagged on the IG of Daryl Young Singaporean boyfriend by after posting There is a famous entertainment page. Jamoy 108 … Read more

A young father’s extreme choice… A sea of ​​tears with my 7-year-old son (high school mom and dad 3) [TV종합] : Sports Donga

‘High school mom and dad’ couple Kim Gyeom and Lee Hee-jung grew even more by showing their family’s love that has become stronger. In the first episode of MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 3 (hereinafter referred to as ‘High School Mom and Dad 3′)’, which aired on the 18th, couple Kim Gyeom and Lee … Read more

Schafisheim AG: “Dad threw me on my head” – daughter (4) testified in the hospital

The presiding judge asks the accused what he meant when he said in the investigation: “I thought when the child fell on the ground that it was grandmother’s shopping cart.” He also does not want to answer the question of why he smashed the girl to the ground again after the first throw. The judge … Read more

Poor Dad Defends His Daughter from His Boss’ Spoiled and Promoted Son

Erabaru.net. After finding out his daughter was being bullied by his boss’s son, Harold took matters into his own hands. He even suspected his actions would land him in hot water and get him fired. But what happened next was beyond his wildest dreams. Harold is a single father to his daughter Taylor and works … Read more