Eh, how! “J Jetrin” cancels attending the press conference Do netizens keep an eye on rumors? | Daily News

It can be said that it is becoming an issue that many people pay attention to. and watched a lot For the current rumors of a famous singer couple in the 90s divorcing their wives, causing many people to focus on Famous singers such as “J Jetrin” and “Pin Ketmanee” are the most watched right … Read more

Daily, second part of March 22, 2023 with Niels Schneider and Artus – Daily

On the program for the replay of Daily second part of Wednesday March 22, 2023: in his 8:15 p.m. Express, Paul Gasnierl returns to the political reactions after the interview with Emmanuel Macron on the 1 p.m. news. On set, Yann Barthès receives the actors Niels Schneider and Artus on the occasion of the upcoming … Read more

Daily conversations with friends can reduce the risk of mental illness

One conversation a day with friends can have a big impact on our mental health. According to a new study, a daily conversation with friends can help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Many people have felt loneliness and social isolation during the pandemic, which has led to more and … Read more

The series “Battalion 101” was shown on on daily at 9:15 pm

channel exposure on Exclusively at quarter past nine in the evening, the series “Battalion 101”, consisting of 20 episodes, highlights the sacrifices made by officers and soldiers for their homeland in Sinai, while the channel shows the series “War”, consisting of 10 episodes, starring Ahmed El Sakka and Mohamed Farrag in the third. The last … Read more

[Causes of eczema]Boys have suffered from severe eczema since the age of 1. Chen Jialiang: Intestinal microecological imbalance is an important factor – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Doctor’s Clinic

▲ Boys have suffered from severe eczema since the age of 1. Chen Jialiang, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, pointed out that intestinal microecological imbalance is an important factor for many immune system diseases, and eczema is a typical example. Last week, a pair of parents took their five-year-old son to the … Read more

[Breakfast Landmines]Milk Corn Flakes Hidden High Sugar Trap Dietitian Reveals 5 Types of Breakfast Have Cancer Risks – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Food Safety

The so-called daily plan is in the morning. Many people agree with the importance of breakfast, but some nutritionists pointed out that the common breakfast in daily life, such as fruit juice, bacon, sausage, milk and cornflakes… actually have the opportunity to increase many diseases risks, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, and … Read more

A world-class conglomerate about to get married for the fifth time… They say this is the last time: Seoul Economic Daily

Engaged after 8 months of divorce from his fourth wife… wedding this summer Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, 92, is getting married for the fifth time this summer. The opponent is Ann Leslie Smith (66), a former police chaplain with the San Francisco Police Department. The New York Post reported on the 20th (local time) … Read more

Seeing Beijing as an investor, Kiev is reluctant to anger China – Daily News – Zhongshi News

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) visited Russia on the 20th and met with President Vladimir Putin (right). (Excerpt from the official website of the Russian Presidential Palace) After the Russia-Ukraine war started, any country that gets closer to Russia will draw gunfire from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, especially Germany and Hungary. However, after the International … Read more

How can a company reduce energy consumption without losing comfort? :: Daily Business

Since the government’s decision to reject the proposal of the developers of the Skulte terminal, the state institutions have not responded to the call of the management team of “Skulte LNG Terminal” AS and the investor to discuss possible scenarios for the construction of the Skulte liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal and the further development … Read more