Those who consume too much salt, be careful! Damages the kidneys

Diabetes and hypertension stand out as the most important causes of chronic kidney failure. Salt As its consumption increases, the risk of hypertension increases. As a result, excessive salt consumption also harms the kidneys. Near East University Hospital, Department of Nephrology, General Practitioner Dr. Rana Omirova said lifestyle changes such as salt restriction, regular exercise, … Read more

Serie A attack: presidents united against Agnelli for having run away the funds, the lawsuit for damages ready | First page

The Super League is over, now the consequences are coming. Be the Uefa leaked a soothing message, the Serie A League it’s not on the same wavelength. Yesterday, as the Corriere della Sera, there have been many phone calls between the presidents of the other clubs, which have targeted Andrea Agnelli, president of the Juventus, … Read more

Nintendo sues Bowser for damages because of switch hacks – Games

Almost 90 percent of all hacked Nintendo Switch consoles are said to be caused by the hacker group Team Xecuter. That’s why the Japanese company in the US city of Seattle was now sufficient Lawsuit against the head of the group, Garry Bowser. Because with a combination of hacking gadget and activated operating system sold … Read more

Smoking, Alcohol Damages Kidneys, Doctors Advise Do Not Frequently Hold Urine

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, JAKARTA – One of the vital organs of humans is the kidney. This is because the kidneys are one of the main organs in the body that have many functions. Therefore, everyone must take care of his kidneys, so that they are always in good condition. Kidney function starts from removing waste or waste … Read more

Noisy environment damages trees, impacts on flora and fauna are long – term, study showed Science

LONDON Noise is harmful to trees and botanical diversity, and its negative effect can be seen long after it has returned to normal sound levels. According to the AFP agency, this follows from a study published this week in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The short-term effects of noise on trees, such … Read more

Serie A: 7 clubs ask for the resignation of president Dal Pino. There is a complaint with a request for damages for mismanagement | A league

An act of no confidence by seven companies, but also a complaint with a request for damages for mismanagement. Serie A in the storm. Second The sun 24 hours started a formal request for resignation from the president of Lega Serie A Paolo Dal Pino. A second letter from Studio Chiomenti would have lined up … Read more

Dispute over office licenses escalates: Reseller demands more than 300 million euros in damages

Microsoft would force customers to subscribe through discount campaigns for the Office subscription and changes to the various versions. The company had announced that older versions of Office would only be supported by support for around five years. ValueLicensing is now demanding £ 270 million in damages from Microsoft. That’s around 311 million euros. So … Read more

Will Mizuho Bank seek damages from Hitachi? Everything depends on the “SLA”, if you look at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry guidelines … | Business Insider Japan

Mizuho FG released an interim report on April 5 regarding a series of system failures that occurred at Mizuho Bank. REUTERS/Kim Kyung Hoon, Business Insider Japan/吉川慧 Mizuho Financial Group (FG) held a press conference on April 5 at its subsidiary Mizuho Bank on investigating the causes of a series of system failures and countermeasures. Mizuho … Read more

Ships pass through Suez again. Authorities are investigating who will pay for the damages after Ever Given – ČT24 – Czech Television

The head of the canal administration, Osama Rabía, said that the traffic could return to the average level in about four days. However, according to shipping experts, it will take up to ten days for all ships waiting to clear the Suez artery to pass. In normal traffic, about fifty cargo ships use the route … Read more

Iranian Missile Damages Israeli Cargo Ship In Gulf

loading… TEL AVIV – One cargo ship belonging to the company Israel damaged by an Iranian missile strike in the Arabian Sea on Thursday. The attack was reported Reuters based on news from Channel 12, Israel. “The ship sailing from Tanzania to India can continue its voyage,” said the report. Also read: Woman Disguised as … Read more