Dancer Dina offers a solution to the crisis of festival singers and sends a harsh message to Hassan Shakoush

Dancer Dina presented a solution to the crisis between the Syndicate of Musical Professions and Festival Singers, after the decision to stop 19 of them from singing. In press statements, Dina revealed her proposal to include festival singers in the category (monologues), whose lyrics express the reality of the street, indicating her words by saying: … Read more

Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca, the dancer throws a dig at Valentin and talks about the second child

Raimondo Todaro he has found happiness since he started Friends and is reconciled with Francesca Touch. A perfect time to start a second child, but there is no shortage of digs a Valentin Dumitru, the dancer who had a much-talked about flirtation with his wife two years ago. Read also> Tu Si Que Vales, tension … Read more

Marika Šoposká: I am an eternally dissatisfied dancer

Have you watched previous years of StarDance? And did you think that maybe you will sometimes get an offer to compete? It has been fifteen years since the first series was broadcast, but I remember the beginnings of the competition quite well, even though I was still a child at the time. I looked at … Read more

Dancer Fifi Abdo raises widespread controversy with statements about “the grave and death”

The Egyptian artist and dancer, Fifi Abdo, sparked a new controversy, when she spoke about her death and her wills regarding her burial. ? Abdo said in statements to the “Asrar Al-Nujoum” program, broadcast on the Egyptian radio “Nogoum FM”, last Thursday, that she thought about opening the yard that houses her grave to sit … Read more

“Put in the middle by men”. The thriller of the entrepreneur and the exotic dancer

Her lover, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, died in 1986. She was charged and convicted of the man’s murder. Since 2013 she has been free, she went to see him at the cemetery and continues to profess her innocence. Katharina Miroslawa, a former Polish naturalized German exotic dancer, … Read more

Anthony Aranda Instagram Viral: Melissa Paredes’ dancer was on the Telethon with Yahaira Plasencia and they shouted: “Cuba”, video

Anthony Aranda It was a tremendous roche when he appeared at the Telethon as one of the salsa dancers Yahaira Plasencia, because the ‘activator’ suffered an uncomfortable moment. As is known, the young man became known for being protected as Melissa Paredes, when the model was married to her husband Rodrigo Cuba. However, Anthony did … Read more

Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy, Elodie Frégé …? Kamel Ouali reveals who is the best dancer in Star Academy and her opinion is amazing!

For nearly a decade, Star Academy has revealed a tremendous amount of talent and diverse personalities. The walls of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys have notably seen the emergence of Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy, Élodie Frégé or even Gregory Lemarchal. The show also allowed the general public to understand how young artists could make the most of … Read more

Home assistant says he heard Melissa Paredes tell the dancer that she would go live with him and her daughter

Rodrigo Cuba filed a custody application for his daughter with the authorities. In the document presented by the soccer player’s defense, new details are included of what would have happened during their relationship. The footballer included in his claim the sworn statement of the home assistant, who points out that he overheard a conversation in … Read more

A dancer from Quebec featured in the video game Just Dance, by Ubisoft

The young Quebec dancer Énola Bédard, who is all the rage on social networks, will be an integral part of the video game Just Dance 2022, from Ubisoft. Quebec dancer Énola Bédard appears in the most recent game in the “Just Dance” series. Photo: Courtesy: Ubisoft The dancer will make an appearance and performance when … Read more

The bell rang and Trávníček is over or the FATE DAY IN STARDANCE

“I am sorry, but it was a great experience. I’m very happy for the way Verunka took care of me, “said Pavel, who was really busy. Lawn it’s his 71st birthday tomorrow, and the elimination will allow him to have a small party without having to stick around the rehearsal room. Pavel Trávníček gave up … Read more