Hidden dangers hidden in fruit plates – Healthy Eating

Mulberry: Do not exceed 10 Mulberry, which has a positive effect on problems such as constipation complaints, anemia risk, eczema and hair loss, is one of the fruits that we have difficulty in stopping ourselves from eating. Even though it has many health benefits, it is important not to consume it in diabetics and patients … Read more

Hidden dangers hidden in fruit plates

Apricots: Do not exceed 4 Thanks to its high fiber content, apricot supports digestion by increasing bowel movements. It is also a good source of the minerals vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium. Being rich in vitamin A, it strengthens immunity, supports visual functions and regenerates skin epithelial tissue. When 4 apricots are … Read more

The effects of chlorine on the hands. 4 dangers to which you are exposed without knowing

Chlorine is a substance used for disinfection, most often, but it is also used as a stripper in the pulp industry or as a bleaching agent. Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water to kill possible bacteria and microbes. Therefore, it is used to treat wastewater and especially in swimming pools, as a … Read more

Warn about the dangers of ingesting chlorine dioxide

Many decided to use it to cure covid-19, something that specialists do not recommend. The search for a miracle cure against the coronavirus is leading many to promote the use of a controversial chemical formulation: chlorine dioxide. This product, also known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement”, has been marketed for years as a remedy for many … Read more

Doctors warn of the dangers of tramadol after the death of Mostafa El Hefnawi

YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi died yesterday, after a 5-day struggle with illness, after suffering a sudden stroke, then he fell into a coma and was transferred to the hospital. Al-Hafnawi dies of tramadol The medical report issued by the treatment hospital for “Hafnawi” revealed that the patient arrived at the hospital in an emergency condition and … Read more

Learn About The Dangers Of Covid-19 Through Food – Beritalima.com

SURABAYA, Beritalima.com | A recent study in China showed the findings of the corona virus in frozen shrimp packaging. This then leaves a question mark. Is there a possibility that Covid-19 can multiply and spread through food? In a webinar titled Nutrition and Immunity When the Covid-19 Pandemic yesterday, Dominikus Nutritionist Raditya Atmaka S.Gz., MPH, … Read more

5 Dangers of Silicone Filler on the Skin

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The case of Elma Theana’s brother who was suspected of being malpracticed filler contains viral silicone on social media. The sister’s lips constantly emit white liquid. There are a number of dangers of silicone fillers on skin. Silicon is widely circulated is a material composed of a number of chemicals such … Read more

Dangers of Pregnant Women Eating With Plastic Containers: Legal Lifestyle

CONTAINER plastic is indeed practically carried as a place for food supplies. But for pregnant women it is not recommended to use plastic containers. To maintain the content, you must really maintain the intake of food and product use. Including plastic containers because there are harmful effects experienced during pregnancy until the birth of your … Read more