Norwegian cargo ship sank in Danish waters Friday night

The ship is located 20 kilometers west of Kullen, reported Aftonbladet last night. Allan Mortensen, duty officer at the Armed Forces’ Operations Center in Denmark, tells TV 2 that the ship sank at 01.30 on Friday night. Sydsvenskan reports that it is a Norwegian vessel, and that five people have been picked up from the … Read more

The Danish traveler has been cruising Europe with his old Skoda for 30 years. He was with her, for example, in the Czech Republic, Albania and Portugal

Tue Pol Halvorsen and his Škoda 110 L at a meeting of veterans in Magdeburg in 2004 Photo: Tue Pol Halvorsen Fifteen or twenty thousand kilometers for one vacation? No serving for Tue Pola Halvorsen. His car has already traveled over three hundred thousand kilometers! “Cars have fascinated me since childhood. I collected articles, pictures … Read more

The Danish government has decided to help Ukraine with 22 million euros

The decision to help was made after the visit of the Danish Foreign Minister Jepes Kofod to the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine, where government soldiers are fighting against Russian-backed militants. Kofod said he had seen with his own eyes how hard the conflict had affected the people of Ukraine. The people of … Read more

Gothenburg’s Danish ferries move to Hisingen

Out by Arendal on western Hisingen, next to the large container terminals at Skandiahamnen, the city of Gothenburg and the port company are now planning to create a new quay where passenger ferries will be able to dock. Before all permits are available for that quay, several years of investigation and work remain, but now … Read more

Denmark, Asbjørn Svarstad | The Danish spy scandal: Norwegian politicians were also monitored

The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. Over the last couple of years, various Danish media have shown that the Armed Forces Intelligence Service (FE) for a number of years gave the American authorities more or less free access to engage in tapping data traffic and telephone calls that went via the country’s cables. Not only … Read more

Danish spy chief already in jail for a month on suspicion of leaks

The head of the Danish Foreign and Military Intelligence (FE) has been detained for a month. He is suspected of having leaked classified, state-sensitive information. In December it became clear that four current and former employees of the two secret services that Denmark knows have been arrested. But until today it was not clear that … Read more

Danish researcher believes everyone in Denmark will be infected:

Clarification: In an earlier version of this article, one could get the impression that the authorities have chosen to release the infection in Denmark. TV 2 has after publication been in contact with the Danish National Board of Health, which emphasizes that their main strategy is still not to overburden the health service. Denmark has … Read more

Danish Men’s Doubles Revealed How Kevin-Marcus Played, Shocked the Public

HALOYOUTH – Badminton lovers, badminton men’s doubles Indonesia Kevin Sanjaya Sulamuljo and Marcus Fernaldi Gideon be in the spotlight. His skills in playing badminton are not only admired by the public or athlete Indonesia, but also countries outside Indonesia. No wonder, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Marcus Fernaldi Gideon occupy position men’s doubles world number one. … Read more