Vaccine-heart attack relationship turned out to be bullshit

BECAUSE İNAN- Another “myth” of the anti-vaccine fans has been debunked. Vaccine opponents frequently brought up the claim that Covid-19 vaccines cause heart muscle inflammation. However, the research conducted by examining the data of 592 thousand 719 patients who had Kovid-19 in South Korea indicates that the risk of heart attack is higher in unvaccinated … Read more

Scientists use math to increase the accuracy of data analysis results for biomedical research

Kyoto-Since scientists first mapped the complete human genome, attention has now turned to the question of how cells use this master copy of genetic instructions. It is known that when genes are turned on, parts of DNA sequences from the cell nucleus are copied into shorter chain-like molecules, RNA, which deliver molecules essential for cell-specific … Read more

“Swedbank”: State action in ensuring the availability of sustainability data is not fast enough – Industries – Financenet – TVNET

In addition, additional problems are caused by the fact that the movement towards the green course, including the transformation of sustainability, in the public sector of Latvia is quite fragmented, and in Latvia at least five ministries can be named, which are involved, but an overview is missing. Mencis also pointed out that investors are … Read more

CPUs that support the latest VAES instruction set may corrupt Windows 11 PC data | iThome

Microsoft’s announcement this week, If the Windows 11 PC uses a CPU that supports the latest Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (VAES) instruction set, data corruption may occur. The price of the patch is a reduction in PC performance. Fortunately, Microsoft has released another Windows update to solve the slow performance. Microsoft pointed out that if … Read more

Stock prices mostly fall ahead of the release of US inflation data :: Dienas Bizness

In May of this year compared to April, consumer prices in Latvia increased by 4%, but during the year – in May of this year compared to May of 2021 – consumer prices increased by 16.9%, according to the data of the Central Statistics Office. At the same time, the 12-month average level of consumer … Read more

the data of 5.4 million Internet users has been hacked

Twitter reveals that a security breach has endangered the anonymity of more than 5.4 million Internet users. Thanks to this breach, it was possible to determine the identity of the user behind an account. Hackers exploited the vulnerability to steal sensitive data. Twitter has just confirmed the existence of a major security flaw. In a … Read more

“Apex Heroes” S14 Valkyrie is greatly weakened + the gold shield is removed from the pull, S13 data shows that the number of diamond master points has plummeted | 4Gamers

Respawn Studios took a swipe at the Season 13 ‘Salvation Hero’ this MayMajor overhaul of the rules for the points gamethe purpose is to hope that players will compete for Rank points and battles with “Play for the Team” and “Play for the Win”. According to the official update announcement, in addition to stating that … Read more

Luhut reveals data, denies Indonesia is controlled by China – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Pandjaitan denies the notion that Indonesia is controlled by China. He said Indonesia’s current condition is not too dependent on China. To refute that assumption, Luhut then revealed data related to the trade deficit or fails to deliver between Indonesia and China continues to decline … Read more

More capabilities and features for data center SSDs

on 08/08/2022, by Andy Patrizio, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Infrastructure629 mots Compared to consumer versions, SSDs for servers and storage arrays are always faster and denser with more features. There’s never a dull moment in the enterprise SSD market. Samsung, Micron and Kioxia have delivered three products worth checking out. A Computational Storage … Read more

Ransomware in Rovagnati, Lockbit spreads all stolen data: data breach analysis

The known Italian colossus Rovagnati for two days she has been suffering the damage of one data loss related to the cyber attack about 15 days ago. The Italian brand from Biassono, in fact, was hit by ransomware-type attack just before July 19, at least that’s what the criminals of the Lockbit group are claiming, … Read more