Preslava’s daughter cleans in the South Park – Gossip

The two-year-old daughter of the pop-folk star Preslava started cleaning the children’s facilities in the capital’s South Park. This was revealed by the singer herself by posting a video of her heiress online. The singer of “Devil’s Wish” explained to her followers that there are two playgrounds in the park. One of them “looks friendly” … Read more

Granny ran away with her son-in-law while her daughter gave birth to a baby

Their love flares up after they gather under one roof because of the pandemic Because of the coronavirus, many people have been forced to live with their loved ones. Some chose to move in with parents to help them raise their children. Others, such as actor Bruce Willis, have brought together current and ex-wives, young … Read more

Daughter of the Ruler of Dubai is Imprisoned by Her Own Father, Calling Her Brother Exiled & Caned

Jakarta – Putri Latifa had caught the world’s attention when she admitted that she was kidnapped and held captive by her own family, after being deemed to want to run away. This time, the daughter of the Dubai ruler also asked British police to re-investigate the kidnapping of her older sister. In fact, the kidnapping … Read more

The mother always feared that her daughter would be killed by her boyfriend

The mother of the woman murdered Tuesday in Saint-Hyacinthe feared from the start of their relationship that her new boyfriend would commit the irreparable. Her worst nightmare turned out when her daughter was stabbed to death. • Read also: Saint-Hyacinthe: the spouse accused of premeditated murder • Read also: Marriage drama in Saint-Hyacinthe: “She cried … Read more

Nemtsov’s daughter announced new journalistic investigations into the murder of her father

Zhanna, the daughter of Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov, said that several groups of investigative journalists are now re-studying materials on her father, as well as other sources of information. Journalists are investigating the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. About this radio station “Echo of Moscow” said the politician’s daughter Zhanna Nemtsova. Nemtsova stressed … Read more

Eddie Murphy attacked with a fighting stick by daughter | Entertainment

“There was a moment when I had to come up with a fighting stick and pretend to hit him, but I got way too close so I was already on top of him,” says the actress, who then jokes: “I saw his whole life flash past him. ” Eddie according to his daughter, responded with … Read more

Popular or not, even now mother and daughter provide a top-quality German military cemetery in Langemark

Christina Louwyck’s husband has worked voluntarily at the cemetery for more than 40 years. “As soon as he could see above the machine, he mowed the grass with his dad,” says Christina. “He did a tour of the cemetery up to three times a day, to make sure everything was okay. Every day, year after … Read more

“After the release of the investigation, I lay in bed with the curtains closed for three days.” Putin’s alleged daughter gives first interview

This material is also available in Ukrainian Louisa Rozova (Photo: Elizaveta Krivonogikh’s Instagram page) The estimated daughter of the President of Russia Luisa Rozova gave an interview to the magazine GQ… She was not asked about her probable relationship with Vladimir Putin, but was asked how the investigation affected her and what she is doing … Read more

Ozawang gave birth to a daughter. Revealing the warmest picture of the family

24 Feb. 2021 21:06 After a young model Ozavang Being young business man Jon Lore I asked to get married in Vietnam on February 7, 2020 and registered the marriage on 8 July 2020, after dating for 1 year before announcing the good news that she was pregnant by IVF and named her daughter That … Read more

“The girl is sad: Fernando Solabarrieta’s special farewell to his daughter Maite

Fernando Solabarrieta e Ivette Vergara they again said goodbye to their daughter, Maite Solabarrieta. The communicators had gone to the United States to visit the young woman who a month ago started a new challenge, projecting her studies and sports career in university volleyball. The 19-year-old girl took her bags and left for New Orleans … Read more