School, from the Aristophanes to the Column is a wave of occupations: students’ blitz at dawn

The week begins with a wave of occupations in various high schools in Rome, particularly in the Montesacro area: the students of Orazio, Aristofane, Archimede-Pacinotti and Nomentano together “took possession” of their respective institutes in the early hours of dawn, swelling the ranks of schools occupied from the beginning of October to today. Vittoria Colonna … Read more

You Have No Rights To The Democratic Party! – DAWN

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Supreme Court has issued a decision to reject the application for Judicial Review of the Democratic Party’s AD/ART, which was submitted by KSP Moeldoko. From the start, the chairman of the Democrat Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, was sure that the lawsuit would be rejected, because the lawsuit made no sense. AHY … Read more

Ham So-won, 47 years old next year, I’m getting old now… A long confession posted at dawn TEN

Photo = Ham So-won’s Instagram Broadcaster Ham So-won shared her feelings recently. Ham So-won left a long post on his SNS on the morning of the 8th with the hashtag “#Life Harmony, #Life Balance”. He said, “Didn’t I say a few days ago that Hye-jeong scolded me and couldn’t sleep all night?” “What kind of … Read more

After the final episode, the participants of “Dancing with the Stars” were partying until dawn

On Monday, the actor Piotr Mróz and Hanna Żudziewicz competed on the most famous dance floor in Poland with Magdalena “Kajra” Kajrowicz and Rafał Maserak. Thanks to the viewers’ votes, the Crystal Ball was won by Piotr Mróz, an actor from the series “Cops”. After the final, however, not all of them went home right … Read more

33 arrests at dawn in Operation Scarface

The blitz against the Di Silvio clan in Latina started at dawn. Thirty-three people were arrested, for all the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method. The investigation showed the power of the Di Silvio family in the territory of Latina, the ability to control the territory, the management of the dealing and extortion. Operation Scarface. … Read more