Lamorgese in the city crushed by crime: the program of the day

There is expectation for the visit, in Foggia, of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, who arrives in Capitanata after the series of bomb attacks that shook territory since the beginning of the year. The owner of the Interior Ministry will chair the provincial committee for public order and safety scheduled in the Prefecture, … Read more

“Wedding at first sight”: Agnieszka and Wojtek remember the birth of their daughter. “The second day was worse”

– We’ll tell you that a lot of emotions, a lot of expectations and stress. Although I thought that I would stress less and somehow it would be a more nervous period. And I noticed that when I was acting, when, for example, Aga called me, that her waters had already gone and that we … Read more

A concert / Day of the project Low Roar will take place in Riga in May

Low Roar is a project by American musician Ryan Karazi. He is often referred to as an artist traveler. After cooperation with the indirock group Audrye Sessions Ryan Karazia moved to Iceland, where he can be found Low Roar origins. Here he turned to a much more introverted and intimate sound, which was greatly influenced … Read more

Ukraine proposes trilogues with Biden and Putin / Day

“President Zelensky has suggested to President Baiden that a tripartite meeting be held, possibly in a video conference between President Baiden, President Zelensky and President Putin,” Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrew Jermak told the Washington Council. “We are still waiting for a response from, I think, from Russia. But our American partners received our proposal … Read more

Low fuel prices and station owners refuse to issue two schedules per day – Al-Binaa Newspaper

Fuel prices recorded a new decline yesterday afternoon, and became as follows: Gasoline 95 octane: 369200, a decrease of 6400 Lebanese pounds. Gasoline 98 octane: 381800, down 6600 Lebanese pounds. Diesel: 362800, down 35600 Lebanese pounds. Gas: 319,600, down 30,100 Lebanese pounds. Yesterday morning, a new schedule was issued to set the prices of oil … Read more

the photo of the day they met

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images Last Wednesday it happened: Machine Gun Kelly knelt down and proposed to Megan Fox. She, fortunately for him who decided to record the request from three different angles, said yes. It happened at the exit of a spa in Puerto Rico, where the couple went to disconnect from their work agendas. Today … Read more

“It’s horrible and it happens all day” – Paparazzi Magazine

Estefi Berardi It is a real box of surprises. This time he left with a face of astonishment both Carmen Barbieri like pampito, with whom you share a screen every day on very morning, by revealing completely unknown (and absolutely disgusting) secrets of Cristian Castro, the mega star of the song born in Mexico and … Read more

Dozens of reports of swollen lymph nodes every day after booster shot

This is so remarkable that further research is currently being done. Swollen lymph nodes after booster shot Director Agnes Kant tells RTL News: “This really stands out, yes. We still have to process all those reports, but we certainly get dozens of reports a day about this at the moment. It is therefore completely clear … Read more

Maru Campos summons security chiefs to a meeting after a violent day

Juarez City- At 11:30 a.m., the state security meeting will be held, called yesterday by Governor María Eugenia Campos Galván, after a violent day that occurred yesterday, where vehicles, an old police station and a convenience store were burned. . The appointment for the heads of the police corporations was in a meeting room of … Read more