North Korea celebrates Sun Day. The crowds are dancing, the coronavirus is gone?

Sun Day is the most important national holiday in North Korea celebrated on April 15. It falls on the anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung – a long-time leader of the country called the “Eternal President”. Also this year in, among others Pyongyang center – in Kim Il-sung Square – the festivities they gathered … Read more

Countdown 1 day! Limited time 8 hours “Evil Spirit Castle 8” PS4, PS5 first play | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Boting/Comprehensive Report Capcom’s masterpiece “Evil Castle 8” is expected to be released on May 7. As the release date approaches, more and more relevant information is gradually released. Capcom announced that the public trial version will be launched on all major platforms from April 18th, and players with PS4 or PS5 are blessed … Read more

In Greece, clashes with police / Day broke out during student protests

The demonstration, which was originally peaceful, was attended by about 7,000 people. However, a large group of about 100 people began to scatter the police with various objects and so-called Molotov cocktails. One protester suspected of using a fireball has been arrested. The detainee was taken to the hospital because of injuries from the Molotov … Read more

Coronavirus: Around 240 hospital admissions per day (infographic)

Nearly 43,300 tests on average were also performed daily (-20%), for a positivity rate of 9.5%. En between April 9 and April 15, there were an average of 239.9 hospital admissions per day due to coronavirus, a decrease of 5% from the previous reporting period, according to figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute updated … Read more

The whole of Scandinavia is armored. Concerns about Russia are growing every day

It was a historic step for the Kingdom of Sweden. It increased its annual military spending by 40 percent, until 2025. According to the Stockholm government, it is a response to Russia’s growing aggression in the region. “This is our biggest military spending in 70 years for one reason. An armed attack on Sweden cannot … Read more

OlliOlli World: a comeback under the sign of daring and novelty – All the Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

The skateboarding game returns with a new artistic direction and gameplay that will mix action and platform. The skate gods will guide players from the fictional town of Radland to reach Gnarvana by performing flips and other tricks in various styles using millimeter controls combined with finely tuned gameplay. Newcomers can also have fun thanks … Read more

Call to the killer / Day

He described Biden’s call on Wednesday as a “psychologically colossal, in my opinion, fatal mistake by Biden,” which strengthens his aggressively insane position in the Kremlin: world history, gaining revenge for the loss of World War III. “ So a month after Biden called Putin a murderer, his call to the murderer followed. On Saturdays … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset could carry 15 cameras – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

Apple is currently working on a mixed reality headset, a headset that could even carry the trifle of 15 cameras! Explanation. And Apple is very attached to augmented reality, the Cupertino company is currently making infidelities to this technology by working on a mixed reality headset. And the least we can say is that the … Read more

World Earth Day, Apple Donates IDR 14,000 for Each Apple Pay Transaction

The collaboration between Apple and Conservation International began in 2018, which was originally created through the GiveBack program, which collects donations from each device submitted. In 2019, the two campaigned for the protection of mangroves in Colombia and conservation of grasslands in Kenya. The email also includes a link to a film on an Apple … Read more