Doing 10,000 steps a day would be useless! Here’s what really counts for staying in shape while walking, according to an expert

Walking 10,000 steps a day has long been associated with a reduced risk of dementia, heart disease, cancer and death. But experts have now discovered that the fast walk had benefits that go beyond the number of steps recorded. Walk faster and increase your heart rate to improve your health The doctor Matthew Ahmadi is … Read more

The French press said ‘black day’, 1 million people took to the streets in the country! Big strike against 64 retirement age

More than 1 million people are expected to take part in opposing the controversial pension reform in France. strike And the performances began. At the call of the unions, the French took to the streets throughout the country due to the demonstrations in which many sectors, especially energy, transportation, education and health, would participate in … Read more

Winter transfer window: final day

2023-02-01 00:20 © Reuters photo. The January transfer window for players will close on January 31. portal will describe the latest rumors and transfers in this news. updated at 00:30 *** OFFICIAL: Barcelona has loaned defender Hector Bellerin to Sporting Lisbon. *** Everton fail to sign AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud (Various) *** OFFICIAL: … Read more

“Gloomy Monday” .. When will it happen? And is it really the saddest day of the year?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, is rumored to be the gloomiest day of the year. But is this true? Research hasn’t proven that there is a specific day that is more depressing than other days, but “Gloomy Monday” is actually a PR stunt that has ingrained itself … Read more

A historic cold night: the record set in Lithuania 67 years ago has not been broken by the speed of the ice to this day

“All over the country in 1956 both January 31 and February 1. at night, the minimum air temperature dropped below -30 °C. Even on January 31, the weather (as strange as it sounds) only warmed up to 24-30 degrees of frost. After such a very cold day, a record cold night came. In Utena, the … Read more

Viral: Neighbors beg a man to stop having sex every day at 6:00 am | United Kingdom | sexual intercourse | Mirror | Reddit | World

The call for attention was through a letter signed by “your neighbors at number 17”. A case of a residence in United Kingdom was known thanks to the medium The Mirror, after neighbors send a letter begging a man to stop having sex every day at 6.00 am “Just a reminder that you live in … Read more

Spring break is coming. When do schoolchildren have a day off in your district? OVERVIEW

Schoolchildren have completed the first semester. On Friday, the children will enjoy their day off, which, however, will be long for some. Spring break is about to start. See when they are in your area. Half term this school year ends on Tuesday 31st January. But the children still have to go to school in … Read more

Tine Embrechts and Guga Baúl premiere one day after each other, in the same room, but she is not allowed to come and see him: “Call it self-protection”

With one day difference, Tine Embrechts and Guga Baúl – the pseudonym of Laurent Bailleul – will soon kick off their latest production in Schouwburg Noord in Merksem: she will act in Perpetual motionhe makes and plays A tub full of syrup. And as compatible as they are as partners, they present two very different … Read more

Pregnant women bask in the sun for 20 minutes a day, and relatives urgently advise “high temperature affects the fetus”! Gynecologist dumbfounded 1 sentence blast | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Life Center / Reported by Xu Zhichao ▲A pregnant woman went to the top floor to bask in the sun every day, but was told by relatives that “the high temperature in the sun will affect the fetus.” (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay) There are hundreds of pregnancy taboos, but many of them have … Read more